Kids Swag Empowering DIVERSITY For Children

Occasionally, a Mompreneur comes around that creates a brand that is more than a website or a product, it becomes a MOVEMENT that continues to be a trend setter, an innovator and ultimately a source of inspiration. When we met Kids Swag owner Kim West, we knew we met THAT entrepreneur.

We are excited to tell you about this Canadian based online business that is here to inspire not only the black community, but to promote black entrepreneurs and their fantastic products from around the world, all in one place. These products are for a global market and inclusive for everyone! The company is called Kids Swag and we want to introduce you to its owner, Kim West.

Discovering her Inner Confidence

Swimma Swim Caps on Kids Swag

Kim West was supposed to attend a high school in what Canada dubs “an at risk neighborhood” However, through the will of her mother, the school district approved for Kim to attend a school outside of her district. Often the only, ore one of two black students in her classes , Kim felt that the stakes were higher, that she had something to prove and if she failed, she had a long way to fall. She had to be the exception to a rule created by the media, racism and other pillars that govern humanities thinking. But through the encourage of of  wonderful teachers that encouraged her to run for student council and join the debate team, her mindset changed.

She did not have to be the exception. But be her personal BEST.

Be the Best You

This mantra was not only a defining moment for Kim, but the beginning of something that would change so many lives.

The Birth of her Beautiful Baby and Her Beautiful Business

In 2012, Kim was pregnant with her first daughter. As many Moms to be do, Kim was setting up her nursey and began to look for cute and engaging board books. Unfortunately, she was quickly reminded that many books did not contain heroines  that would reflect her daughter Where were the books with  lead protagonist characters who are black?

Owner of Kids Swag Kimberlee West and Family

Kim decided to search online to find what she was looking for but could not find them on mainstream online sites. After hours of searching, she found some great books but they were not easily accessible even though they were, in fact, good books with black girls as lead characters.

When her daughter turned two years old, Disney princesses engulfed the house. Her daughter began mentioning how she would want to have long, straight hair. Kim knew her daughter was not seeing herself in these characters. With an intense and in-depth search, Kim took it upon herself to find quality products from around the world. Suddenly, puzzles, backpacks, toys and more with black children as lead came up. Again, these products were not on mainstream online selling sites, but came about through the determination of Kim looking for them.

Kim proudly showed her friends and family on Facebook her finds and many people responded positively that they were excited to know about these small businesses, many the quintessential “Mom and Pop Shops” existed and what high quality products they had.

In 2016, Kim had her second little girl and was on maternity leave from a commercial real estate position. At a family party, one of her family friends was telling her how she appreciated Kim’s regular Facebook posts about businesses that represent black children properly. Kim thanked her, but then this person said something that ignited a fire in  Kim.

“You should make this a business.”

But how? How do you put all of these businesses in one place?

“Like Amazon or Walmart.” The family friend responded. Kids Swag was born in December of 2016. It became a labour of love and a journey that so many families all over the world would take with Kim. Thanks to her research, passion for supporting small businesses and her personal drive, people all over can connect with their products.

Not Color Blind, But Color Brave

Kids Swag works in two fabulous facets. The site is set up to help black families find products where their children can see themselves in each brand. Secondly, the products are for everyone, so children of all colors can enjoy and enrich their life with a healthy, diverse nature.

It’s time for all families to see the greatness of these businesses. Let’s dive in to some of the many fabulous products that you can purchase from Kid’s Swag!


Pillow Buddy

Check out these beautiful custom pillows. The pillow buddy is not only comfortable, but at the top it opens up to store your child’s satin or silk bonnets. You can tuck in your satin bonnet easily. Pillow Buddy is great for travel and just to have at home. We love how it is so versatile.

This cute little black girl Pillow Buddy is handmade by Kimani Custom Dolls in the US. They are made from fleece and cotton fabric with a pocket inside. The pocket is perfect for storing bonnets, head scarves or anything your little one wants their Pillow Buddy to keep safe.

The pillow measures about 18 inches long and 16 inches high.

Nana Dolls

We love everything, but we have to admit, Nana dolls are one of our favorites!

Nana means Queen or King in West Africa, Ghana. The founders of Nana Dolls wanted to teach the younger generation of their history whilst also having fun. There were many strong courageous women from all over Africa who helped to fight for freedom. Amongst those are four who have inspired Nana dolls. Yaa Asantewaa from Ghana, Mbuya Nehanda from Zimbabwe, Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti from Nigeria and Miriam Makeba from South Africa. Each doll’s character is inspired by one of these historical Queens.


Nia Ballerina Jewelry Box – Reflection

This beautiful jewelry box is both a keepsake and a best seller and you can easily see why.

Finally a musical jewelry box with a black ballerina, which is the perfect keepsake gift a little girl will treasure for years! Wind the key and lift the lid to see the beautiful ballerina turning to a melody.  Illustrated in a colourful image with two ballerinas one dancing in the mirror with the other watching makes this music box ideal for little girls to keep their jewelry and special memorable items safe.

Rectangle Shaped Box. Individually handmade from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard).
Size: 15.3 x 9 x 15.3 cm (Approx)
(Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years of age)

Clarence Claus Wrapping Paper!

This exciting product was on Oprah’s favorite things and is another best seller. Make your gifts extra special  with Clarence Clause!

Clarence Claus™ Wrapping Paper featuring Clarence with his sack of gifts.
Our gift wrap is 27″x 60″. Each roll wraps roughly 3-5 gifts depending on size of gift. Deck the halls and spread some joy with our gift wrap this holiday season.
Made in USA.


Kid’s Satin Pillow Cases

Hair care at its finest with a dash of comfort.

Establish a great hair routine for your Lil’ one. Prints come in fun patterns including My Little Pony, Doc McStuffins and Hello Kitty.

Stay You, Stay True

Kim has done it all. After mastering social media, she has had some amazing experiences. Instagram is where fans from all over the world message her sending love, support and thanks for finding the must have products that they would not have been able to find on their own.

Kim also thrives on pop up events and shows where she can meet her fans,admirers or others who are touched by the Kids Swag movement.

Not only is a child of colour being positively reinforced to the level that they deserve but every child is being exposed to the beauty of diversity, they know that they can be and do whatever they want. Kids Swag brings children everywhere high quality products that are educational, fun and a centerpiece of a child’s imagination. Kids Swag to us is a Passion Project created by a passionate person.

There are so many fun, fashionable and fierce products for your whole family to enjoy. You have to check this site out, you will love it!

Mom, Mompreneur and a woman who brings dreams and awareness to business owners, children and parents alike. She gives them the pieces that have been missing from homes. Kim is very humble, but in our strong opinion, she is making a change on this planet, one product at a time. But for Kim, it’s another day with her wonderful business. Buy the products and join the movement of Kid’s Swag today!