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As a new mother, I was helplessly in love and overwhelmed with my new responsibilities. There were a lot of demands and I didn’t have enough hands, especially when it came to breastfeeding. That’s what inspired me to create LatchPal, a breastfeeding shirt clip, designed to hold up a mother’s shirt while nursing. I founded Happy Fig with a simple idea and the desire to help moms nurse in comfort and achieve breastfeeding success, because I didn’t want other nursing moms to struggle as I did.


As the founder, I taught myself to sew, made several prototypes by hand, used a variety of materials, nursed with LatchPal, and reworked the design until I was satisfied.  “Starting a business” is very similar to “starting a family”. Both are immensely rewarding but require new skills and steadfast passion. Today, I’m proud to say that I pioneered an innovative shirt securing solution that eliminates feeding disruptions and helps moms nurse hands-fee and in greater comfort to maximize milk flow.

What I want readers to know:


I was a self-conscious breastfeeder. I wasn’t embarrassed by the art of breastfeeding or by my body; I guess my infant just had an uncanny ability to humiliate me, especially when he was hungry. Maybe it was his little red face, loud shrieks, or the inconsolable fussing that that made me panic…but when hunger cues turned to crying, I felt like “all eyes were on me” and it zapped my confidence.

In those moments, it’s really important to have a breastfeeding method that you can confidently rely on. I used my LatchPal and a nursing cover. LatchPal was my saving grace because it made my shirts nursing friendly and I could quickly cinch up any shirt with one hand to eliminate awkward fumbling prior to feeding. This method gave my infant quick access my breast, I could see him nurse, and once again, I felt self-assured and in control.


Whatever your method, embrace a nursing style that’s convenient, works for you, and makes you feel confident.  With a little planning, practice, and preparation, you can shine brightly in any situation!

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