Laurea Naturalis

There are so many products out there that we love but have harmful chemicals that can make us think twice before making the purchase. When Laura Lithgow made it a goal in her life to get rid of harmful chemicals from her skincare regime, she decided to take it a step further. Laurea Naturalis was born.

Safe Non Toxic Environments

The mandate for Laurea Naturalis is to create both a safe, nontoxic environment for your family, the Earth and yourself. With that being said, each product is also there to spoil you and your family. Let’s dive in to see the amazing products being offered.

Ocean Musk Candle

This mini ocean musk candle takes you to a relaxed world. Whether you are lighting it in your bathroom with a hot and steaming bath and a great book or in your living room for your whole family to enjoy, you are not going to want this candle to end. This hand poured candle is formulated with 100% all natural soy wax. The wick is made of all natural braided cotton and paper. While relaxing and enjoying your new favorite candle, you can feel great about the fragrance oils being free from all harmful products.

Dreamy Candle

The name perfectly describes the product, it is absolutely dreamy! This wonderful candle is built to last. However, it is the ingredients that make it extra dreamy. We can understand all of the ingredients! We also love that the base is violet and the middle has lily of the valley. This is a candle for those who love sweet fragrance.

During your first time burning this candle, simply allow the candle to burn and allow a pool to accumulate when it has reached the glass all around. This allows the candle to continue a clean and efficient burning cycle for the life of the candle itself.

Citrus And Jasmine Room Spray

This room spray provides a lovely and fresh scent! It is safe for children which is great as many other room sprays are not. It is also good for pets but it is not suitable for birds. Give a quick spray and do a sweeping motion through out the desired room and enjoy the smell that it creates. citrus and jasmine is a great complimentary scent. The room feels both fresh and calm.

Why We LOVE Laurea Naturalis

This trio is just a few of the incredible products that Laurea Naturalis offers! We get so excited when we talk about this brand. This combination of fresh and calming scents is exactly what a busy family needs. With children and pets, Laurea Naturalis is perfect for calming a busy home and giving that fresh scent.

If you are a busy family looking to create a calming space with environmentally friendly products, Laurea Naturalis will be the household name that will always be a part of your family.