Learning to be Uncool and Loving It!

By: Zoe George



In days gone by I used to worry about fashion, hair styles and general trends. Never wanting to be behind the pack. But something has changed. Maybe it’s because I am 30. Or maybe it’s because I am a mother of two. Let’s face it with these two beauts getting up and putting clean knickers on can be a struggle. But I like to think it’s because I have learnt to love myself!

So my hair hasn’t been straightened in 6 months. Well unless you count that day I came home from the hairdressers. But I have learnt how to pull off messy bun. As well as the occasional twist or braid to disguise unwashed hair! Gone are the days of immaculate, poker straight and in are messy frazzled curls. Which to be honest it amazing, cos my hair makes this chick look quaffed!

Ok so I still squeeze into those skinny jeans. I peruse the latest fashions and dream of rocking out in crop tops and hot pants. But the reality is that I am in my pyjamas by 7pm. Having slung the over shoulder boulder holder on the floor. Usually my husband extracts me from said skinny jeans. Not in a sexy fun way let me tell you. Kind of like skinning a cat really…

Remember that poem ‘When I am old I shall well purple’? Yep that’s right I am rocking the purple. Oh and dungarees. Bloody love dungarees, so 80’s and so versatile. People keep trying to make them trendy but I am queen of the perpetually uncool. High waisted ill-fitting jeans and double denim; it’s like my childhood is coming back to haunt me! (Don’t worry I am not reaching for the shell suit just yet).

Even my music taste is changing. Out are the club tunes. Well except insomnia by Faithless (that is a classic and will never die). For some reason it’s all about the 80’s tunes right now. Rocking round the kitchen to Bananarama (you can blame Nana Pud for that one). I would like to say that Pudding is also a massive fan of the Rama. Bowie and Phil Collins is blasted through the open windows of the car. Usually accompanied by some great driver-dancing. After all when you are driving around in a yellow Fiat, anything goes… And you know what I don’t care who sees me.

So where has this new-found confidence come from? I used to have to follow the crowd. Had to be cool. Ok; so quirky and uncool is the new cool in many ways. I would look pretty chic in some geeky glasses (damn that laser eye surgery). But that’s not why I am changing. It has taken me 30 years and two children to discover there is more to life than being cool. To love my body, my mind, my own ideas. You know what it’s pretty liberating! So I am rocking my uncool 80’s vibe and I am taking my kids with me.