Letter N Show and Tell Ideas- Children love show and tell in class. They get to share what they have to their peers and learn about what their peers have found and shared with them. It stimulates learning and bonding with classmates. Sometimes, a teacher may assign a specific letter to each student to find an item with the corresponding letter.

In a busy world, parents may get stuck finding an interesting item based on their child’s assigned letter. We have you covered! Below are 85 show-and-tell ideas with descriptions, all related to items, concepts, or topics that start with the letter ‘N’:

Nebula Model:

  • Create a miniature model of a nebula using cotton balls, glitter, and LED lights to represent stars.

Nature Journal:

  • Bring a nature journal and share your observations of plants, animals, and outdoor adventures.

Nutcracker Figurine:

  • Display a decorative nutcracker figurine, sharing its history and significance during the holiday season.

National Geographic Magazine:

  • Share an issue of National Geographic and discuss interesting articles and photographs.

Nest Replica:

  • Bring a bird’s nest replica, explaining the different materials birds use and how they build nests.

Newspaper Article:

  • Share a recent newspaper article and discuss its content, highlighting key points.

Nautical Map:

  • Display a nautical map and talk about navigation, coordinates, and maritime exploration.

Nail Art Kit:

  • Showcase a nail art kit and demonstrate creating simple nail designs.

NASA Memorabilia:

  • Share items related to NASA, such as patches, stickers, or pictures, and discuss space exploration.

Nursery Rhyme Book:

  • Bring a book of nursery rhymes, recite a few, and discuss the cultural significance.

Nutrition Chart:

  • Display a nutrition chart, discussing the importance of a balanced diet.

Nanotechnology Kit:

  • Introduce a small nanotechnology kit, explaining basic principles and applications.

Nordic Mythology Book:

  • Share a book about Norse or Nordic mythology, discussing gods, heroes, and legends.

Noise-Canceling Headphones:

  • Explain how noise-canceling headphones work and share your experience with them.

Numismatic Collection:

  • Display a collection of coins from different countries and eras, explaining their historical significance.

Nautical Compass:

  • Showcase a nautical compass and discuss its role in navigation.

Nut Allergy Alert Bracelet:

  • Discuss the importance of allergy awareness and show an allergy alert bracelet.

Nanoblocks Sculpture:

  • Create a small sculpture using nanoblocks and explain the art of micro-building.

Native American Artifact:

  • Share a Native American artifact or replica, discussing its cultural and historical context.

Night Sky Projection Lamp:

  • Use a night sky projection lamp to demonstrate constellations and talk about astronomy.

Nautical Knots Display:

  • Create a display showcasing different nautical knots and explain their uses.

Nutrient-rich Soil Sample:

  • Bring a sample of nutrient-rich soil and discuss the importance of soil health.

Nostalgic Board Game:

  • Share a board game from the past that holds sentimental value and play a round if possible.

Notebook of Quotes:

  • Bring a notebook filled with your favorite quotes and discuss the inspiration behind them.

Nonfiction Novel:

  • Share a nonfiction novel and discuss the real-life events or people it explores.

Nail Polish Collection:

  • Display a collection of nail polish colors and discuss trends in nail art.

National Park Souvenirs:

  • Showcase souvenirs from national parks and share your experiences visiting them.

Nestle Chocolate Bar:

  • Bring a Nestle chocolate bar and discuss the history of the company and its products.

Natural Disaster Preparedness Kit:

  • Display items from a natural disaster preparedness kit and discuss safety measures.

Nylon String Instrument:

  • Showcase a musical instrument with nylon strings, such as a classical guitar or ukulele.

Native Language Book:

  • Share a book in your native language and provide translations or explanations.

Nautical Chart Art:

  • Create art using nautical charts or maps, explaining the inspiration behind your piece.

Nesting Dolls Set:

  • Display a set of nesting dolls and discuss their origins and cultural significance.

Newspaper Seed Starter:

  • Demonstrate how to make seed starters using newspaper and discuss gardening.

Natural Healing Remedies:

  • Share natural remedies for common ailments and discuss their benefits.

Nerf Blaster Collection:

  • Showcase your collection of Nerf blasters and discuss different models and features.

Notebook of Nature Sketches:

  • Bring a notebook filled with your nature sketches and discuss the art of observation.

Night Vision Goggles:

  • Demonstrate night vision goggles and discuss their applications in various fields.

Nutrition Facts Label:

  • Discuss how to read and understand a nutrition facts label on food products.

Nautical Flag Alphabet:

  • Display the nautical flag alphabet and spell out words or messages.

New Year’s Resolutions Board:

  • Share your New Year’s resolutions on a decorated board and discuss goal-setting.

Nautical Themed Clothing:

  • Wear clothing with nautical themes and discuss fashion trends.

Novelty Socks Collection:

  • Showcase a collection of novelty socks and discuss the fun and creative designs.

Natural Beauty Products:

  • Display natural beauty products and discuss the benefits of using them.

Number Puzzle Game:

  • Introduce a number puzzle game and challenge others to solve it.

Nautical Chart Journal:

  • Create a journal using nautical charts as covers and discuss journaling.

Nutrient-packed Snacks:

  • Bring nutrient-packed snacks and discuss the importance of healthy snacking.

Napkin Folding Techniques:

  • Demonstrate creative napkin folding techniques and discuss table decor.

Nebula Artwork:

  • Showcase artwork inspired by nebulas and discuss the creative process.

Nordic Knitwear:

  • Wear or display Nordic knitwear and discuss the history of traditional patterns.

Nail Art Stamping Kit:

  • Introduce a nail art stamping kit and demonstrate unique designs.

NASA Space Mission Patch Collection:

  • Showcase a collection of NASA space mission patches and discuss space exploration milestones.

National Anthem Performance:

  • Perform a rendition of your country’s national anthem and discuss its significance.

Nature Soundscapes Recording:

  • Play a recording of nature sounds and discuss the calming effects of nature.

Nonprofit Organization Brochure:

  • Share information about a nonprofit organization and discuss its mission.

Nursing Simulation Kit:

  • Introduce a nursing simulation kit and discuss healthcare education.

Natural Soap Making Kit:

  • Display a natural soap making kit and discuss the art of soap crafting.

Nightcrawler Worm Farm:

  • Showcase a small nightcrawler worm farm and discuss composting benefits.

Nautical Quilt:

  • Display a quilt with nautical themes and discuss quilting techniques.

Nutcracker Ballet DVD:

  • Share a DVD of the Nutcracker ballet and discuss the history of the performance.

Novelty Sunglasses Collection:

  • Showcase a collection of novelty sunglasses and discuss unique designs.

Native Plant Guidebook:

  • Bring a guidebook on native plants and discuss local flora.

Nerdy Science Experiment:

  • Perform a simple nerdy science experiment and explain the scientific principles.

Nail Art Pen Set:

  • Introduce a nail art pen set and demonstrate freehand designs.

National Geographic Kids Magazine:

  • Share an issue of National Geographic Kids and discuss educational content.

Nature-Inspired Jewelry:

  • Wear or display jewelry inspired by nature and discuss the design process.

Nautical Theme Puzzle:

  • Bring a nautical-themed puzzle and discuss the challenge of assembling it.

Number Pi Memorization:

  • Recite as many digits of pi as you can and discuss the fascination with mathematical constants.

Nighttime Sky Photography:

  • Showcase your nighttime sky photography and discuss astrophotography techniques.

Natural Essential Oils Kit:

  • Display a kit of natural essential oils and discuss aromatherapy benefits.

Nesting Material for Birds:

  • Bring materials birds use for nesting and discuss their nesting habits.

Nuclear Physics Book:

  • Share a book on nuclear physics and discuss its importance in science.

Nautical Chart Wallpaper:

  • Use nautical charts as wallpaper samples and discuss creative home decor ideas.

Nordic Mythology Board Game:

  • Share a board game based on Nordic mythology and play a round if possible.

Nut-Free Snack Samples:

  • Bring samples of nut-free snacks and discuss allergy-friendly options.

Notebook of Nature Poetry:

  • Share a notebook filled with your nature-inspired poetry and discuss your creative process.

Nautical Navigation Tools:

  • Display traditional nautical navigation tools and discuss their historical use.

Newspaper Art Collage:

  • Create an art collage using newspaper clippings and discuss artistic expression.

Nail Art UV Lamp:

  • Introduce a UV lamp for curing nail art and discuss its role in the process.

National Park Puzzle:

  • Bring a puzzle featuring national park scenes and discuss travel memories.

Nautical Rope Craft:

  • Create a craft using nautical ropes and discuss DIY projects.

Nutcracker Ballet Program:

  • Share a program from a Nutcracker ballet performance and discuss the cast and choreography.

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Tasting:

  • Bring a selection of non-alcoholic beverages and discuss unique flavors.

Night Vision Binoculars:

  • Demonstrate night vision binoculars and discuss their applications in outdoor activities.

Nordic Cuisine Cookbook:

  • Share a cookbook featuring Nordic cuisine and discuss traditional recipes.