LifeLines Book Review

If you have ever felt alone, that as a parent you are failing or just the utter despair that you are the only one feeling this way. You are not alone. Melissa Bernstein, co-founder of Melissa and Doug, author of Lifelines wants you to know that you are definitely not on this journey alone. She knows this path well, because she herself walked it, she was there.

LifeLines is an inspirational journey from profound darkness to radiant light. When Melissa wrote these verses, she put them in the dark for years, expecting no one to ever see them. Now, today, she shares these life long thoughts of despair and triumph with her readers, or seekers.

The Path That Led To LifeLines

linelines book

Ever since Melissa could remember, she did not belong. She felt darkness and resorted to writing verses, over three thousand to be exact about her feelings from despair to triumph. Each verse did offer a glimmer of wisdom and or hope. It makes the reader pause and reflect. Coupled with her website baring the same name, Melissa moves to help others triumph over anxiety, depression and despair. This is the pathway to true inner peace.

The journey is not a quick one, nor is it a short one. Many others offer a “quick fix” on your soul, but that can be amounted to nothing more than the “fast food” of mental wellness and peace. This is more like a five course meal and the end is definitely a delicious dessert. The good news is, you can digest at your own pace, as every soul searching journey is different.

About LifeLines

The book is divided into ten powerful chapters that will inspire you or give you a verse that you can relate to in times of despair. You take a journey with the most connected being, Mother Nature.

Extra Credit

Choose the verses in LifeLines that speak most to you. Reflect on them by creating. Writing, sculpting, painting or in any way you express yourself through gratitude. Join Melissa’s workshop (which is free) and sit on a session. What have you learned? Are you ready to take a baby step forward?