Life’s Clues Book Review – Angela Santomero has much experience with children. She is an Emmy Award Winner for her creation of Blue’s Clues and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. These shows are the voice of the young generation, quite like how Mr. Rogers was for parents. Speaking of Mr. Rogers, Angela was blessed to work closely with him for years. Thankfully, she is well versed in what kind of love, guidance and education children need. She has learned so much from children, that she has written a book for parents.

Life’s Clues is more than a book. It is about unlocking the lessons of an exceptional life for adults! However, there is an important caveat. The secret comes from watching your own children! Let’s discover Life’s Clues and what we can learn from this wonderful book.

The Power Of…

The power of kind words and gestures can stick in a child’s memory for a lifetime. From a kind compliment a teacher gave to a “I am so proud of you” from a parent, these moments can last through out a child’s life and into adulthood. However, why must it stop during childhood? Angela attests that these simple and wonderful compliments like “I love your shoes” can make a person feel great. The power of kind words and gestures are something that children say regularly, but we should continue this kind of practice as adults.

20 Clues To an Exceptional Life

In this book, there are 20 easy-to-digest clues to an exceptional life. Each chapter is complete with an inspiring quote. These facts are easy to digest but also enlightening. You will definitely reflect on your childhood and how your children engage with others.

This beautiful way of thinking simplifies the complicated. We can be confidently ourselves without worry or masking. These 20 Clues are not at all overwhelming. Each one just takes simple tweaks in your day-to-day thinking to start living an extraordinary life.

Angela Santomero has spent her career making kids feel confident. Using empathy and love, she builds up their self-esteem through her award-winning programming. Now her passion has expanded to their parents, us! With these simple life clues, our feelings and thoughts on ourselves do not have to be a big mystery, but a progressive story, of how we learn to love ourselves and others, genuinely and full of empathy and understanding.