In a few seconds, your life can change. As a parent, we are responsible for the health and safety of our children and ourselves. Choking happens, but do you know how to stop someone from choking? Having a LIFEVAC Home Kit may save someone from choking. This emergency care product can save a life.

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What is LIFEVAC?

LIFEVAC is a non-powered, non-invasive and a single use only lifesaving apparatus. This is created to resuscitate a choking victim when other choking protocols are not working. This is there to remove a food or object from a victim when their airway is obstructed once the standard procedure of clearing a mouth of debris and the Heimlich maneuver has failed. While someone is calling the emergency line for immediate care, someone can use the LIFEVAC to be one of the last resorts to clear the airway of a victim.

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LIFEVAC is a home unit that stays in a dry accessible place like your kitchen, in case of an emergency. While keeping the LIFEVAC out of the sunlight or cold you can keep it in the same storage bag in which you received it. No masks can be attached to the unit. By inspecting the masks periodically and replacing the mask every two to three years, you are ensuring that this life saving device may save someone in your family.



We have heard from many people when traditional lifesaving tactics have failed, this kit has saved lives. As parents, we feel a peace of mind having LIFEVAC in our kitchen, where people are most likely to have an object obstructing their airways or have a piece of food stuck.

Families feel that having LIFEVAC in their homes gives them that source of peace that they have an option if a child or a guest is choking. It is like that extra cushion to make sure that everyone is as safe as possible.

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Why risk not having a potential life saving device at your disposal? If you have a house with young children, yourselves and grandparents who visit or live with you, you should have this device to bring you that feeling of safety in your very own home.


This potentially lifesaving device for both adults and children is available below for you to have in your own.

LIFEVAC, the easy to use kit that may save a life, available in your very own home!