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Have you ever been out at the store or just out at dinner and just need to entertain your child for a couple of minutes? I recently had the opportunity to try out the Little Baby Bum app and I’m so thankful I have.

The Little Baby Bum app has many interactive features that engage children educationally through nursery rhymes.  The app does this through stories, videos and karaoke feature.  All the nursery rhymes are attractive to young children.  My son loved singing along to many of the songs and watching the videos. Some of the songs include, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The Alphabet song, and a hip-hop version of Head and Should Knees and Toes.

            The gaming feature was also a huge hit.  My son (and husband) loved playing the Balloon pop game.  There is only one game that is available but it was hard to separate them both from the game.  The game helps children distinguish between different colours in a fun and interactive way.

            This app is perfectly laid out and extremely user friendly which is a huge hit for my nearly 3 year old son.  He was able to navigate through the app by himself, play games and listen to his favourite songs with minimal help.

            Download this app, you won’t be disappointed!  Your children will love it!




About Little Baby Bum

Little Baby Bum was founded by husband and wife team Derek and Cannis Holder back in June 2011. The
idea of making nursery rhyme videos came about when their daughter, Mia, was around a year old. Derek
wanted to play Mia all of the classic nursery rhymes so went on to YouTube to watch videos with her.

“I remember it well” Derek says, “I couldn’t believe that most of the nursery rhyme videos didn’t actually
sound anything like how I’d remembered the songs from my childhood! The lyrics and/or melody were
often incorrect and the graphics were similar to watching cartoons from the 1970s”.

It was at this moment that Derek realised that Cannis and he could probably make better animations – even
though they didn’t have any direct experience of doing so at this point in time! However, between the two
of them, they had many of the skills needed. For instance Cannis was a designer with 15 years experience
and Derek had 20 years sales and marketing experience including SEO skills.

Cannis continues, “Little Baby Bum was the nickname given to our baby girl, Mia, when she was just a few
days old. Around the same time Mia had a mobile above her cot that played the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
tune, which she seemed to really love. So without too much thought we named our YouTube channel “LittleBabyBum” and decided that Twinkle Twinkle Little Star would be our first video.”

Since these early days LittleBabyBum has gone on to become one of the world’s largest educational
channels by sticking to their formula of making high-quality animations that are both educational and

“It’s a bit surreal” Derek says “we’ve grown so large and so quickly! We also really love the support that we
receive from happy parents from all over the world. This makes everything we do really worth the effort!”
Little baby Bum have just released a new Apple and Android nursery rhymes app containing:
12 of their lovely nursery rhyme videos (including the first Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
Balloon Pop game
Bedtime stories
12 karaoke/instrumental versions of the videos.
Users have a choice of a free or paid version. The main differences between the free and paid are:

Features Paid Version Free Version

12 Nursery Rhyme Videos
Balloon Pop Game
Bedtime Stories
12 Karaoke Videos
Storage required
Viewable offline
No ads
Unlimited playing levels
Five stories
Viewable offline
225MB (Android) / 282MB (Apple)
Viewable online only
Some ads
2 levels
One story
Viewable online only
Where to find the app:
Google Play:
Ways to connect with LittleBabyBum
YouTube Channel:





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