Little Miss Valentine

If you loved the Little miss Series as a child, you will LOVE Little Miss Valentine! Originated by Roger Hargreaves, this beautiful book brings your child on a wonderful adventures with Little Miss Valentine as she boards a hot air balloon to deliver extra special Valentines. Who are they for? Will she save Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day

Just like Santa Claus as Christmas, Little miss Valentine is so busy on Valentine’s Day. : living in Cupid Cottage in Heartland, Valentine’s Day is coming up and Little Miss Valentines has an important job to do.

She flies in a heart shaped hot air balloon that is pulled by a flock of elegant flamingos! When she floats by each house on the eve of Valentine’s Day, a magic envelope with tiny paper wings flutters down into each and every mailbox.

Everyone gets a tailored Valentine’s Day card that suits their personality! However, this Valentine’s Day is so windy, Little Miss Valentine’s is concerned that she will not be able to deliver her Valentine’s Day cards!

Little Miss Valentine has a solution that will surprise and delight your children! Will they be able to deliver the Valentine’s Day cards in time?

Memories and Creating New Ones

You will have fond memories of all of the Little Miss and Mr. Characters. We promise you will see some old friends in this book as parents! Your children will fall in love with the characters just like you did. Who is their favorite?

Extra Credit

Be like Little Miss Valentine! Have your children create personal Valentine’s Day cards that bring out the personality of their loved ones. Make an airplane shaped Valentine for the person in your life who loves to travel or create a box of chocolate Valentine for the chocoholic in your life. Let your child’s creativity soar!

This book from Penguin Random house is a must have this Valentine’s Day. You can bring it out each year to relieve the adventure of Little Miss Valentine! Let your children fall in love with this series just like you did.