When Paul Miller could not sleep, he did not dream he would start his own business because of it. CozyPhones are comfortable headband headphones for kids in fun character designs. Inspired by his daughter, Helen, Paul has made CozyPhones a huge success by creating cozy headphones with a bunch of characters and styles.


Whether your child has special needs and struggles with headphones or you have a child who loves training for track and field and just wants to listen to music, CozyPhones are for you. There are no more worries about your child feeling uncomfortable with headphones anymore!

When we were introduced to CozyPhones by Rachel Urso of Celebrity Baby Trends, we knew we found the perfect headphones for kids.

Choose the design that suits you and sit back and listen. CozyPhones are not only comfortable but their quality designs make a great accessory.

Visit CozyPhones today to place your order!