Many parents search for that perfect name that is rare and wonderful. The name Lorenda is unique, beautiful and beloved of many families all over the world. It is a rare name but those who have it love it. Learn about Lorenda’s name meaning, origin, great nicknames, beautiful middle name pairings and famous people with this wonderful name.

Lorenda Name Meaning

Lorenda is a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning. Its origins are originally Latin but the name is currently most popular in Ghana. Fewer than 15 families name their child Lorenda a year. This name means “one who is honorable.” This three syllable name is loved by families for its uniqueness, meaning and that it is a strong girls name.

This name has never been popular in English speaking countries, but will it start to get its debut soon? Families are always searching for a girl’s name that is strong with a beautiful meaning. This may be the next popular name to soar to the top of the charts!

Lorenda Middle Names

This name is a powerful one. Many parents would be looking for a good name that will compliment it.

What Makes A Good Middle Name

Middle names are supposed to compliment the first name. It is made to flow into the last name. There are many strategies to the perfect nickname for your little girl.

A Middle Name Namesake

A lot of families love to name their child after a beloved family member or friend. Choose a family member or friend that is very close to you as a family. This will be an honor for the person chosen to have their child named after their name. It will also create a bond with that person and your child for their rest of their life.

Secondly, you can choose a middle name of a deceased family member or friend so their name lives on in your child. There is so much beauty and honor in this choice. It brings to life the person who passed away and helps your child connect with their past and be the future of the family.

Lastly, many families are taking two names, one from each side of the family and combining them into a new middle name for the child. For example, If a maternal grandmother is named Amelia and a paternal grandmother has the named Lakisha, the child’s middle name would be Amisha. This creates a new name that honors both sides of the family. This pleases everyone and gives your child’s middle name a very neat story.

Parents will honor both sides of the family and your child will always know where they come from. This trend is becoming increasingly popular!

Middle Name With A Complimented Meaning To The First Name

If you are looking for something different and for your child to create their own legacy, consider finding a middle name that has a meaning that compliments your child’s first name! Lorenda’s name means “one who is honorable”. Finding a middle name that compliments this meaning would make a perfect duo for a wonderful little girl’s name. Here are some middle names that would make a great for Lorenda.

Charlotte- Free woman.

Evelyn- A wish from a child.

Harper- One who plays the harp.

Hannah- “one who has grace.”

Aster- From the daisy family.

Aoife- An Irish name pronounced “EEFA” and has an interesting Irish legend behind it!

These are just some of the many middle names for your adorable little girl.

Lorenda Nicknames

Nicknames are meant to be terms of endearment to the child you are giving a nickname to. Nicknames can be funny, adorable or have meaning. A nickname can be around for a few months, a few years or a lifetime!  Many families like to come up with nicknames in the following ways:

Terms of Endearment

Coming up with a nickname can be a reflection on how much you love your little one. Having nicknames are supposed to be cute and funny. A nickname is never something that is supposed to make someone feel bad or make fun of someone. Some examples of a term of endearment nickname include:









Eenie meenie

Mini Me (for children who look a lot like or act like one parent)

Short Version of Name

Lorenda is a three syllable name.Taking the name and shortening it to make an adorable nickname is one of the best ways to give your child a nickname for life. It just fits when it is a part of their name! Here are the nicknames for Lorenda that your little one is going to love























These adorable nicknames will stick with your child for life! People will love these nicknames for your beautiful baby girl.

Nicknames Based On Personality

Alternatively, nicknames can also be based on your child’s personality. For example, if your child has a love for nature, they make get a nickname like “hiker” or “sunshine. If your child likes to read they may get the nickname “bookworm”. Nicknames that represent the personality of the child or the personality of the family works well and usually the nickname is kept for a long time. Many families love to choose a nickname based on the child’s or the families personality.

Similar Names To Lorenda

You may like this name, but it may not be “the” name. There are names that are similar to Lorenda or have the same vibe. Take a look at these names for further inspiration.










Famous People With The Name Lorenda

This rare name has some notable people with it. Though it is unique, it is so beautiful. A notable person with the name Lorenda include CBC news reporter Lorenda Reddekopp.


This name may be a rare one, it is loved by the families that have chosen it for their little girl. If you are looking for name that is timeless, has a beautiful meaning and is unique, this is the perfect name for your little girl.

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