Love Escargot- It’s Snailentine’s Day and Escargot is ready to go to a party. We wonder if his Snailentine will be there! This funny french snail getting ready for the day of friends, love and everything francais will have your child loving this story, and picking up on some fun french words a long the way!

What’s It About

This stylish chic snail is ready for a party. Escargot knows how to put an outfit together but wonders if they will meet their Snailentine at the party. Through out the book, children learn french words and see the fun and descriptive language of author Dashka Slater. Your child will not only enjoy the story but feel like they are having a one on one conversation with everyone’s favorite snail. Secondly, your children will be learning a lot of french sayings and expressions. Ces’t manufique! Illustrator Sydney Hanson makes each character whimsical and loveable. This is the perfect recipe for this book to be read again and again!

Older children will love to practice reading this book and learning new words and expressions. Your younger children will enjoy some new sayings and learning a different language. The story line is adorable and exciting. Children will read the book many times and always walk away learning something new.

Extra Credit – Love Escargot

Have your child draw the animals and insects that may be at the Valentine’s Day party. Who will be there? Will they meet Escargot? Have them work on character development and let their imaginations soar. Escargot is such a loveable character! Have your child’s character interact with Escargot. Bonus points if your child can add some french words in their picture!

This is another Mac Kids book full of imagination, excitement and of course education that keeps children engaged and loving this adorable little escargot! Dont’ forget, this is a part of an enchanting series!