Love Your Pregnant Body: 7 Ways to Feel Confident


Love Your Pregnant Body: 7 Ways to Feel Confident

Love Your Pregnant Body – “I’m a whale!” – Pretty much every single pregnant woman has said this at some point during her pregnancy. You feel big, heavy, and not all that attractive, and on top of that your body is going through some changes which might make you feel even more apprehensive. But hey, slow down mommy. That’s right, you’re a mommy now, a while some things might seem kind of scary, pregnancy can definitely be a very enjoyable experience. You get the chance to love your body even more now, and to help you feel good in your skin, here are some great tips that you can use to enjoy the whole process.

Be strict about negativity

If you’re going to be strict with yourself, then be strict about negativity. As soon as bad thoughts and insecurity come, cut them off at the root. You know that you’re amazing, so don’t let bad feelings push you into something you’re not. Police those bad thoughts and let only positivity come through. Be kind to yourself, enjoy every last compliment you get, and remember that you’re a mom now – your child would want you to love yourself and be proud of your pregnant body. Also, let us be real with you here: you are bigger than you were. And that is absolutely splendid! You look incredible, and your rounded belly is something to show off, not hide.

Keep working out and eating well

Exercise and good, homemade food will make you feel really great. Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, you should definitely stay active because it will improve not only your health, but the health of your baby as well. Yoga, swimming, at-home workouts, and other low-impact activities are always a good idea. Prenatal yoga is a particularly fun, great way to exercise and bond with other moms.

Get some cute clothes

Pregnancy can make women afraid of fashion, but now’s actually the perfect time to indulge in it. You should rock cool clothes, ladies! Compression pregnancy tights feel and look good on most people, so definitely get those, and don’t be afraid of browsing both the maternity and regular section at the stores. You can also find some pretty cute plus size dresses online that will work well on a pregnant body. We recommend making a Pinterest board with maternity clothes to get some inspiration for your new style. Don’t think that pregnancy means you need to wear only drab things. Bring color into your wardrobe and invest in underwear with good support – this will make you look amazing.

Enjoy your sex life

Why wouldn’t you have sex? Because you look different? Please, your partner still thinks you’re smokin’ hot. You need to feel that closeness, so go on dates, snuggle, get steamy in the bedroom. Let them worship your body and enjoy feeling sexy.

Keep your friends around

As they say, it takes a village to raise a child. You need a good support system around you, so now’s the perfect time to bond with your buddies and your family and let them compliment you, reassure you and make you feel loved. They cannot only help with the baby, but help simply with making you feel normal during this big change in your life. Now is also the perfect time to let toxic people go. Avoid anyone negative or mean and stick to people who lift you up, not put you down.

Enjoy self-care

Read books in your spare time. Whether they are classics or steamy romance novels that simply amuse you, it doesn’t matter. You should spare some time to engage in your favorite hobbies and enjoy your self-care rituals. Have someone give you a massage, go to a salon for a relaxing facial, stay at home in a warm bath and with a sheet mask on your face. Care for your body and mind gently and let stress wash away.

Embrace the miracle

You’re creating a tiny human! A sweet little baby that’s all yours is growing inside of you. You’re a superhero in our books, and you should embrace that fact. Being pregnant can be exhausting, but it can also be pretty great. If you are sad during pregnancy never hesitate to talk to your doctor and your family because everything you are experiencing is normal and can be worked on and improved. You’ll be alright mommy, so do your best to enjoy this crazy journey.

In the end, yes, it will all be worth it. And hey, remember that no one can refuse a pregnant woman. It’s the perfect time to bat your lashes and ask your partner for a foot rub and some chocolate!

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