Lucas The Spider

 Lucas the Spider is beloved by children and parents alike all over the world. In every episode, we see Lucas break down barriers about insects and spiders, show kindness and compassion and of course, engage in the funny antics of unlikely friends.

Since Lucas is breaking down the barriers of fear that so many people have of spiders, it’s no secret that he and his audience will be celebrating National Save A Spider Day. Let’s learn more about how this famous spider came to be, the wonderful positive messages for children (and parents too!) and a little more about spiders!

Learn more about the creators who are just as warm hearted as Lucas the Spider!

Lucas is the world’s most loved spider! Tell us how you came up with the concept of Lucas The Spider?  

Joshua Slice – 

I’ve always had a soft spot for spiders even though they can be kind of scary. One day I saw an image of a jumping spider that I thought looked really cute. I was then inspired to make a CG spider that looked just as cute (if not more!). My goal was to make the character likable by even those of us who dislike spiders. When it came time to animate, I thought my 5-year-old nephew would be the perfect voice that could really support the feeling of cuteness I was looking for. We put it all together, posted it on YouTube, and Lucas the Spider was born!  

Describe to us Lucas’ personality and why children can relate to this lovable character. 

He’s adorable, he can talk, he’s the spider we didn’t know we needed in our lives.  Lucas is the sweet, adventurous, and irrepressible young spider with big dreams!

Lucas’s personality traits which everyone aspires to include unquenchable curiosity, ingenuity, unending optimism, generosity, and he is warm hearted. He is also incredibly polite!  Above all, Lucas believes in himself.

Lucas has a passion for music but his interests won’t end there as he continues to discover the world around him with a sense of wonder.  

Lucas is a Youtube sensation and now has a show on HBO MAX. How did it feel to get a show on HBO MAX? 

Joshua Slice – 

It’s a surreal feeling for sure! I think the thing about it that’s most exciting for me is the idea that something I created is able to bring joy to literally millions of people around the world. I never imagined I could ever have that kind of influence. The team has done an amazing job adapting the YouTube shorts to an entire series. They’ve stayed true to the original characters of Lucas and Findley while finding ways to plus the animation. I also love the new characters that were added and how they interact with Lucas and Findley. It really opens up a ton of fun opportunities as the series continues!  

Tell us why humans should think twice before squishing a spider.  

Because they are very helpful in getting rid of pesky insects. Don’t squish a spider – if you find a spider in your house, catch it in a jar and set it free outside.

How are spiders helpful in the food chain? 

Spiders help protect plants from damage by pesky insects.

lucas plush

Why do people find spiders in their house? 

They are looking for food, water, and shelter.

How do spiders prevent diseases? 

Spiders eat disease carrying insects.

We have heard that most spiders are venomous. Does this create a danger for humans? 

This isn’t true – most spiders aren’t venomous. Only 1/20 of 1% of 50,000 species of spider are venomous. Bees and wasps are more of an issue, not spiders.

What are some current studies on spider venom showing so far? 

Spider venom is valued for its potential in treating everything from chronic pain to muscular dystrophy.

How are you, as creators of Lucas The Spider, working hard to change the image of spiders?  

Lucas is a make-believe adorable ambassador for spiders.

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Why is it important to teach children the truth about spiders? 

Most spiders aren’t harmful to humans.

If Lucas has a message for his fans, what would it be? 

Lucas’s positive attitude and ability to see the good in everything inspires his fans to overcome obstacles (both personal and physical) and grow. Opening up their horizons, discovering new things both big and small and, most importantly, believing in yourself.

Where can our audience learn more about National Save A Spider Day? 

PETA or The Smithsonian.