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Interview with the incredible Lucy Wyndham

By: Jen Bobby


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If you’re like me, after a busy day of work or chasing toddlers, you likely don’t have a ton of time in the day to hit the gym for an hour and that is most likely not what you want to do once kids are in bed. Netflix and your couch is probably much more appealing.

I came across Lucy’s channel when I was tired of going to the gym at 8pm. Although I enjoyed my me time away, I found my workouts weren’t as effective since I was tired and wanted to sit on the bike and watch shows on the fancy machines. I wasn’t pushing myself and my body wasn’t being challenged. Lucy Wyndham-Read is a wonderful fitness trainer on YouTube, she is known for her Hiit workouts which is High Intensity Interval Training. She keeps these workouts fresh, fun and quick and encourages you to keep it up. I love that I feel my body working even after one of her 4 minute sessions. Lucy decided to share her passion with her viewers after her time in the military and we are so glad she did. I recently chatted with this inspiring lady to learn more about her journey and her channel.

Have you always been into fitness and nutrition, and what got you into this journey?

My journey started by throwing myself into the deep end, as I had always wanted to be a strong, fit and confident young woman. At school, I was very self-conscious about the way I looked. I was bullied and felt very insecure, and never wanted to take part in sports or games and had every excuse in the book to get out of it.At the age of 18, I decided to turn this around and took the plunge and joined the army.

I knew here I could not get out of any of the fitness as excuses did not work. This was when I became a fit, strong and powerful woman. I spent 5 five years in the army and this was the start of my Fitness and healthy lifestyle career.

This part of my life is very much what inspired me to write my 21 Day Love Your Body Plan. I feel this is when we understand how our body works, and how to embrace who we are is all we need to be fit and confident

What inspires you to to get up in the morning‎?

My favorite time is always 6:30 am Monday morning, (which most of my friends think I am crazy) but for me when that alarm goes off it feels like a new week, new opportunities, new seeds to sew, and I love what I do so much and as my own boss I am always wanting new projects and new goals. For so many years I was ripped off, used and abused by the media, and then came along social media which meant that if I had an idea I could do it all on my own. No no more waiting by a phone! Now it is a case of knowing whatever you want to produce you can, and hard work pays off and if you can dream it you can do it.


When did you start making YouTube videos and what was your first one you filmed?

I started my YouTube Channel in 2012. It was very much a learning curve as I had very little knowledge on how to do this, and it was very much trial and error at the beginning and my first videos! Those videos are very different to my most recent ones, but that comes with time and effort, and I have self-taught myself everything.

The Turning Point

My turning point was a few years ago.  I was let down by a big publishing company that had agreed to be part of a big project.  I spent over 6 months working on this, writing it, designing it and filming lots of content. Then comes the due launch date, they had a bigger project and just dropped it. I remember being so devastated as I had put money, time,effort, blood, sweat and tears and trusted in them. To them it was nothing, but looking back it was the best thing as it taught me never assume in business and if you can do it yourself then do.

For the next few years, I then spent every day and night online learning about social media, website design even down to coding a website and self-publish books. Soon I had a brand new website which I had created myself, and a social media network and now I was ready to start building my own business and every second of it has been so worthwhile. My mantra now is “knowledge is power” and “everyday learn something new and sew a seed”

What do you recommend for busy ‎mom’s who want a quick full body workout while the baby naps?

Do a quick HIIT workout as these are super short but also super effective and, HIIT training which stands for High Intensity interval training is very short 20 second burst of pushing yourself to the max, then 10 seconds recovery, I have created 4 minute workouts that do just this for a complete beginner.

try this
and for intermediate try this.

By doing these routines, your body will burn calories off at a higher rate, you will tone up all over and you will feel re-energized and you will always be able to find 4 minutes in your day.

Fitness gear is so stylish these days, what brands do u love and recommend ?

I love mixing and matching and for me some of my favorite are Lululemon especially the jackets and leggings.  I also really like Wellicious which is a very feminine range of fitness and yoga. I  like to have nice colors and bright workout gear which I think lifts your mood. I do have black leggings but I will tend to wear them with a bright top. My love for trainers is close to an obsession but I guess every girl has a shoe obsession.

I did baby and me Yoga when my oldest was a baby, How can we incorporate our little ones ‎in one of your workouts?

By making it fun, a great one is when your baby is lying on the floor you do press ups over them and give them a kiss as you lower down to the ground, then you can do piggy back squats with them, or get them to be the counter, as kids love counting so get them to count mummy doing 100 high knees on the spot then 20 start jumps, this is also a great way of you being an amazing role model to your children.

Where can our viewers watch your videos ‎and follow you online?

My YouTube Channel has a host of different workouts and this year I have lots of exciting plans on fresh new fitness videos and healthy eating ones.
I also do Instagram and use this to help motivate my followers and keep them on track daily.

And there you have it, make sure to try one of Lucy’s videos today, I guarantee you will get hooked and feel fabulous!

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