Owning your Motherhood never looked so good with our special guest Lyss Stern! Lyss is the founder of Diva Moms, the marketing company started by Lyss to bring a wide community of Moms to top marketers. She started this company organically and has become an authority of modern day parenting.

Diva Moms


Lyss started Diva Moms when she was a kindergarten teacher! After becoming pregnant with her first baby, she went to a new Mothers luncheon and a lightbulb went off. There has to be MORE for Moms. Lyss had a PR background and coupled with being around and working with parents and children set the forefront for Diva Moms.
This community for all Moms and Grandparents makes everyone who joins it feel Diva fabulous. Have you ever felt like there should be something more in Motherhood? With a baby in hand, Lyss decided to launch this company! She urges our audience if you are trying to start a business to have a solid plan.

Lyss was candid where she shows Moms that it is not a perfect path to business success, there is a lot of bumpy roads and happy accidents. Lyss is an open book and helps other Mothers who are running their own business become Mompreneurs.

How Lyss Stern Started Diva Moms

How did Diva Moms start? Originally named Divalyssious Moms , new Mom Lyss was shopping at Barney’s and a friend of Lyss’ who came up to Lyss and called her Divalicious. Lyss loved how fun and whimsical that it “clicked”. This would be the name of her business. Despite how hard parenting can be, it can be something empowering! Being the best version of yourself is what we should do.

What is a Diva Mom? Lyss found that the definition is finite. Coupled with her book Life’s a Beach, a Diva Mom is someone who is be the woman who you want to be, do not lose sight of who you are before you were a Mom. It’s not going to be easy every day and it’s going to be real. You’re going to cry, you’re going to feel that it is hard and Lyss is going to give you resources to recharge. Be the best you can be and know that no matter what, you are trying your hardest. Atara adds that you should always know that every day is a new day. Lyss adds that we also should take some time for ourselves.

Juggling Motherhood

The juggling act of Motherhood is hard but it’s okay to drop the ball every so often. Lyss gives every Mom a big clap and credit for being that supermom.
Atara concurs that you should allow your children to see you make mistakes. Lyss says that a perfect Mom is such a bad word. It sets Moms up for failure and I added that it is just boring. I also said that Lyss has created a safe space for Moms. You create your own best version of yourself.

Lyss is concerned that Moms on social media is creating an unattainable pressure for Moms. You may not have the stomach you had when you’re sixteen but you have a new beautiful body. Lyss adds that women should try to be fine with their bodies.


Lyss divulges on her beautiful Curly hair. Atara and Lyss met at Atari’s first book launch for her wonderful book Curlee Girlee. Atara wants to empower Curlee Girlees everywhere so Lyss tells us about her five year old daughter that loves her curls.

Lyss encouraged from day one to love and embrace her curls. Lyss makes sure that her daughter loves her curly hair. Lyss also makes it a point to show pictures of herself when she was little to her daughter. Being a curl positive person is important. Lyss shares that she did not have the same support and it is important to build a child’s self-esteem from the beginning.

Lyss encourages family members to join in and to give confidence about curls. Lyss’ Mother has learned through Lyss to love her daughter’s curls and to be a part of a curl confident community.
Atara iterates that she and I make sure to walk our talk. We are always ensuring that our children see us be positive with ourselves so they can mimic it. Children are little sponges. I also added that our hair is our crown and so for a curly haired child to see their hair as a crown to their face instead of something that is “less than” can change the life of a child. Lyss crowned her daughter to give her the confidence to love her hair. Lyss loves to show off her curly hair and not only embraces it but works that divliciousness at the beach to at work!

Lyss read that curls are now coming back in. She makes a great point that you don’t want to miss. She says curls have always been in! I added that we don’t need permission to be told our hair is out or in, fabulous or yesterday’s news. Lyss asserts that curly hair is always going to be in. It’s a part of ourselves!
Lyss says curl confidence does not only extend to girls. Her lovely son has curls as well and she recalls a story about her curly haired son cutting his hair because he was being teased. The boys who were teasing him were just jealous of his awesome hair. Lyss warns parents to start building that confidence as early as possible.

Atara gets a lot of personal emails from fans and readers that boys are being bullied for their looks and there is not as much information for boys to find coping mechanisms.

Lyss wants us to not only be confident in our skin but to exude kindness. Parents need to be more involved in making sure that they are raising kind children so they can grow up to be kind adults. Lys says a way to start is to read books regularly about kindness and how being different is great. Atara emphasizes that some of these children are saying extreme things, like racist comments. We have to start early teaching our children right and wrong.
I added that kindness is actually confidence. With kindness is confidence, children can be new leaders in the school yard and the community. Lyss shares that her talented son has been also bullied for being a talented ball player. Lyss tells your children to keep his head down and keep being awesome.

I emphasize that kindness is confidence and that you must teach your children that if someone is confident and kind that they are not another child’s punching bag. I note that Lyss’ website is that safe space for Moms.
Lyss then spilled the news about Lyss’ potential show about Moms and confidence! We know it will be picked up soon because the idea is so great!

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