Magic Chef Air Fryer Review


Being a parent means tight deadlines and meal planning. But even the most organized family can feel the time crunch of waiting for meals, especially dinner! How should parents feed a hungry family when many of them work full time, have a house to clean and children to take care of? This is why we love the Magic Chef Digital XL  Air Fryer , which is a parent’s best friend in the kitchen!

When we received our Magic Chef Digital XL Air Fryer we were so impressed with its chic design. It’s a small appliance that we loved in our kitchen and that a lot of people would ask about. With good reason, as this air fryer is like no other.

What is The Truth? Magic Chef Air Fryer

The Magic Chef Digital XL Air Fryer is not only fast, cooking our delicious treats in 10 minutes or less but it uses NO OIL. That’s right, NO OIL. You may think that this would compromise the taste of your delicious French fries or mozzarella sticks, but we have a surprise for you. It did not. It tasted BETTER.

We compared French fries and mozzarella sticks and even some yummy veggie rolls and the results were always the same. It tasted better, required ZERO oil and was made so quickly. Family members and guests who cannot have oil can now enjoy these treats without worry. On top of it all, the Magic Chef Air Fryer can make this in no time at all! Most of our delicious treats were made in under ten minutes and served up to five people. So a family can be served some yummy snacks or appetizers in under 10 minutes!

This large capacity air fryer can cook healthy food for a whole group at once. You are not going to slave away in the kitchen while your children are separated from you. Don’t worry about making multiple batches of snacks for everyone. This dish washer friendly inside makes cleaning a breeze too!

When you are a busy family with guest’s constantly visiting, family who is always hungry but you are wanting some snacks that will blow your family and friends away? Why wouldn’t you choose the Magic Chef Digital XL Air Fryer?

Lastly and most importantly, the no oil is what set our fryer a cut above the rest. Most fryers require oil or even a little oil to function but the Magic Chef Air Fryer requires nothing. We save money, save our bodies from digesting harmful oils but still get to spoil us with a yummy snack.

Families who are busy, looking to eat more healthy, or just looking for a delicious snack that only takes seconds will love the Magic Chef Digital XL Air Fryer.