I distinctly remember sometime after my 2nd baby was born, i felt like i was drowning. For me, this was sometime around the 3rd month, when the adrenaline from having a new baby wore out and i found myself staying in jammies for most of the days and not washing my face until sometime around the afternoon… BUT here’s the thing, those were choices I WAS MAKING, it had nothing to do with being too busy or not having time.

Those were LIES i was telling myself. I was giving myself the permission to be a horrid mess because, “I had 2 kids under 3“, “i just had a baby” etc etc.

So one day I woke up and decided that I no longer wanted to tolerate the way things were going and started to make a conscious effort to Make Over my Mornings. It has made all of the difference in my life…and we have had some pretty significant life changes since including 2 more babies, homeschooling, extra-curricular activities and lots of freelance working for me.

Every day isn’t perfect but this system has continued to work for me- meaning, there is a lot less crazy.

You don’t have to throw some wrinkled clothes on 5 minutes before leaving the house, you don’t have to be mismatched and unkept and you certainly shouldn’t blame it on “life”.

So here are 5 things I suggest doing within the first hour of waking up:

1) Pray- This is essential for gaining any sort of clarity throughout the day.

2) Make Your Bed- This helps you to feel more organized and gives you a boost.

3) Open the shades/curtains in your home- Allow natural lighting to infuse your home.

4) Get a quick half hour workout in- Sometimes this is your only chance.

5) Take a quick shower and get dressed- it’s amazing how good you can feel when you are put together before starting the day.

Notice that checking text messages, social media, etc didn’t make the list…how come? because we need to start prioritizing and committing to the non negotiable activities before the time wasting activities- they can wait!

Moms, remember you cannot pour from an empty cup so take time out to fill your personal cup first!

How do you all start your day? What’s your personal plan? Please share, I would love to hear 🙂