In a world of fried foods and candies, its hard for parents to inspire their children to eat their veggies. But parents do not need to worry, because award winning nutrition educator Kathryn Kemp Guylay has created a book to energize your children and get them excited about healthy eating and wellness!


Poor Blake has such low energy. He is always sleepy and wonders why he can’t keep up. Once he meets a magical leprechaun, Blake finds his pot of gold by exploring the world of fruits and veggies! He becomes full of energy! This book targets early childhood and elementary school ages. We love that it promotes healthy eating and is a fun book. The colours/colors will keep your children intrigued. We saw that our children would go to the grocery store and point out some of those delicious veggies and fruits they saw in Give It A Go. The illustrations are designed by 12 year old Alexander Guylay which is inspiring to other young children. There is also great photography and rhymes that really keep in your head about healthy eating and wellness.


If your children are looking for an adventure with a purpose, you will be excited about Give It A Go, Go Eat A Rainbow! Buy this book here



Mom’s Choice Awards® Recipient. Parent Tested, Parent Approved Award Winner. 2016 Family’s Choice Awards Winner.