Manta Sleep Mask Pro – It’s time to sleep like a PRO. Most parents do not get there standard eight hours of sleep. Whether they are worried or anxious, have children waking up at night or have other factors that stop them from getting a good sleep, we need parents to rest well during those night time hours. Manta Sleep Mask PRO is here to give you the sleep you deserve. Let’s find out why this mask is preferred by parents.

Manta Sleep Mask Pro Features

We need to set ourselves up for success to sleep. That means giving ourselves an environment that is conducive to sleep. Manta Sleep Mask Pro does just that to make sure you are ready for a good sleep.

100% Blackout

We love that the Manta Sleep Mask Pro is 100% blackout and has zero eye pressure. Some competitive masks put a lot of pressure and seal around your eyes to keep out the light but it ends up hurting after wearing for many hours. Manta makes sure that you do not have pressure on your eyes when getting that 100% blackout for your sleep.


Secondly, we love It has advanced perforated materials for maximum airflow. Yes, we want your skin to breathe while you sleep. This helps you feel that you can sleep without any pressure. This breathable soft mesh strap that goes along your head is helping you have a safe and pressure free sleep from your mask. The mask stays on your eyes but does not create a suction or pressure to keep it there.

Unique C Shaped Eye Cups

These unique c-shaped eye cups make sure that no light from the sides of your eyes sneak in while you are trying to sleep. It covers your eyes but does not suction your eyes to make sure you get the best sleep out there.

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Grippy Zero Slip Gel

Keep your mask on safely and securely without gripping you. Thanks to the adjustable fit the grippy zero slip gel keeps your head cradled comfortably without gripping too hard. What a perfect situation!

When we slept with the Manta Sleep Mask Pro we loved that you can adjust the mask due to head size. Secondly, it was so nice to have a total black out experience. Lastly, it is just great that you wake up feeling that your head is not being gripped or under any pressure from the mask. This helped our sleep and we woke up less. We also love the little ear plugs that were included! That helps especially if you have a partner who snores.

For parents sleep is precious.. Let’s set your sleep up for success and get the Manta Sleep Mask Pro for a great sleep. Day after day, you will recover from sleep loss and it will honestly change your life for the better.