Making It Work- Mara Martin on Modeling, Motherhood and Overcoming Mom Shaming


When five month old Aria accompanied her famous model Mommy Mara Martin on the catwalk, she would not have any idea that she would be a part of changing history in the modeling industry and how working Mothers are seen. According to this young baby, she was with her Mother, but to millions of Mothers watching, it was a symbol to working Mommies all around the world. We make it work in every circumstance.

Meet Mara Martin. Passionate, bubbly, a girl’s girl. Mara is humble, intrigued with anyone she is speaking to. She cares about your story and is a humanitarian. When we sat down with Mara, two things were clear. She is on this planet to help and she is on this planet to create positive change. She does this with a smile on her face and a toddler on her hip.

Mara’s passionate about family, traveling and delicious recipes. This small town sensation always had big dreams. She loves to model and when, as a new Mommy, she saw that there was an opportunity to attend The Sports Illustrated open casting call in Miami, she had to give it a try. She had that “itch” to get back into modeling and Sports Illustrated was a dream. This could be her chance to make waves in Miami!

The New Mom In Miami

Mara had just moved to Miami and did not know too many people, so she brought little Aria along. She ended up doing what many Moms do, balancing Motherhood with her dreams. After a call back, Mara was such a hit! Not only did Sports Illustrated offer her the opportunity to walk down that catwalk, but also for little Aria to wear an adorable baby swimsuit to accompany her mother. Thrilled, Mara agreed.

When the big night arrived Mara and Aria had adorable Mom and daughter bathing suits. As time passed, Aria was very hungry, so Mara fed her. Suddenly, it was her cue to go on the runway! Both Sports Illustrated and Mara agreed the baby being fed was most important, so she walked that catwalk breastfeeding!

Unknown to Mara, these moments would spread all over the world and she and baby Aria would become an overnight sensation! In her Mothers embrace, Mara was interviewed by every major outlet and people were thrilled to see a Mom who Mothered and killed it on the catwalk. After a month press tour, Mara knew this is the platform she thrived in, helping others as an advocate.

 How Mara Martin Overcame Mom Shaming

Though Mara had a life changing experience breastfeeding her daughter on the Sports Illustrated catwalk, there are still some unpleasant experiences that she could have done without. With many wonderful compliments and words of encouragement, there have been some harsh Mom shaming comments as well. Mara wants to unite Mothers and not create more divides.

Since her story went viral, she was surprised that people were commenting on her body. She had given birth five months prior to that famous catwalk appearance and was proud to show off her post-partum body. Surprisingly, these comments were mostly coming from other Moms! People who have experienced the process of pregnancy and child birth were making comments of the body of another new Mother.

Secondly, Mara found disturbing comments about her adorable daughter Aria, from what she was wearing to giving opinions on her state of health and giving false diagnoses based off of pictures.

Mom Advice To Live By

Since countless Moms experience Mom shaming daily, we asked Mara what it is like to be Mom shamed in a public setting and how Moms should handle it. Mara reflected on her own challenges with others and gave some stellar advice.

“When Moms are raising a family, doing their best as a stay at home or working Mom…no one else’s opinion matters.” Though Mara admits those mean comments sting, these people do not live with you, affect your life or even understand your family dynamic. Therefore, you have to do what works best for you and your family. These comments usually have nothing to do with you as a Mother and more so the person commenting as a Mother.

Find Your Cheer Squad

Keeping a good mental health to Mara is integral. If you feel extremely hurt, worried or anxious, it is important to talk to a professional. But for those day to day blows, having your own cheering squad is essential. Since moving to Miami, Mara found her own cheering squad of Instagram Moms that are so supportive and give advice, listen to challenges or are just there. Mara asserts that it is just about “creating your own village” of people who believe in you and giving your love and support to believe in someone else as well.

If you are stuck at home, make sure to have a large social network. Whether that is with your friends or online friends, keep these people close to you.

Most of all, Mara attests to enjoy those moments with your child. Breastfeed for that extra minute, cuddle them a little bit close, surround yourself with positivity and do not always rush to the next task. Everything will be there when you are ready. You are exactly where you want to be.

What’s next for Mara Martin?

Mara has become a strong voice against Mom shaming, a beautiful Model and of course, an extraordinary Mom. What is next in her future? Well, she has a lot on her plate, but we can see that it is going to be much more of the things she loves, helping others, travel (when the time is right) and sharing her stories and experiences with parents just like you. Mara will make a deep impact in every project she gets involved in. We will also be there, cheering her on. We love advocate Moms who make a positive difference and Mara Martin is the definition of a Mom Advocate.

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