When we received Maternally Challenged by the founder of Unfiltered Mom, Kathy Chlan, we knew we were in for a treat. The back of the book is a wakeup call for all of those Moms to be, “Moms, if you think your life is going to be perfect, I’ve got news: It’s not happening.” We were excited to get started and read this amazing books.

About Kathy

Kathy is a super Mom but she has had many challenges along the way. This Mother of two has a special needs soon and they don’t fit the mold of a perfect family and we are thankful they don’t!

Kathy writes as if we are sitting down for coffee or tea with our best friend. Her honesty throughout this book is so refreshing but there is even a bigger lesson. Life can be so challenging and it’s not what cards you’re dealt with, it’s how you handle the situation. You don’t have to handle it perfectly Life does not always go to our plan.

We were so shocked at how quickly we went through this book. Yes, it is a lighter read but Kathy has a way of captivating the audience that we laughed and cried.

Maternally Challenged

We really felt for Kathy as she kept rolling through the punches. When her infant son was sick and vomiting, we became so fearful for this little boy and for Mom, who has to keep a brave face and just be so sharp all of the time, to make such tough decisions. Her raw emotion of self-doubt, worry and fear made us feel so empathetic to her situation but we were so proud of her for having that “keep going” attitude.

What is the biggest lesson in life?

What we learned from this book was probably one of the biggest lessons in life. To laugh. It can be hard to laugh when you just feel like breaking down and tethering yourself in tears. Finding small joys and humor in situations is not only soothing to the soul, it’s what keeps us going. It is a testament to what kind of character Kathy is, because she learned this powerful lesson so young.

Is this book for new parents? Of course! It’s time to not worry when things do not go as plan. But we think this book is just as powerful for seasoned parents and grandparents too.

Forgive the journey you have taken that is not, dare we say, “Pinterest perfect” and find the beauty and laughter in many situations. It’s not only healing but it just seems to be one of those powerful lessons that can help you survive almost any of life’s challenges.

Real Perfection is… Being Maternally Challenged?

Kathy, you have created this “real perfection”. We saw a tale of a family who loves each other fiercely, a Mother who never gives up and who is wise well beyond her years. Thank you for the enduring read and the kind antidote that you bestow upon your readers. Life lessons will be had by reading this book.

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