Mean Mommies


We all have met them. That mom, who is judgemental, has a problem with every other mother’s parenting practices, gossiping about family life and making overzealous assumptions. We can’t stand mean mommies but can we be that mean mother sometimes? Here are five reminders on how to avoid being that Mean Momma.


  1. Do Not Gossip- When a mother confides in another, whether her marriage is on the rocks or she is having trouble with her children. Do not share that information with other mothers. When someone is feeling isolated based on problems to begin with, gossip can further isolate the person who is being gossiped about.

SOLUTION: Help with the problem, even if it’s an offer to carpool once a week, or scheduling a play date at the park, give that Mom a break or an ear to listen to.

2. Do Not Judge- Try walking in another Mother’s shoes- Is she under a lot of stress? Could she use some help?

SOLUTION: Again, be an ear to listen to or invite her out for a play date. Friendliness goes a long way.

3.Do Not Make Assumptions About Someone’s Situation- When we make assumptions on something we know little or nothing about, it can breed into a Mean Mommy Monster! Not only are mean assumptions a reflection of yourself, the people you are feeding the lies to may agree with you at the time, but you will get a reputation as a Mean Mommy.

SOLUTION: Point out the positives of another Mother. People who seem to have it all together are people to learn from. Swap parenting tips, the only thing that can happen is a new friendship and learning something new.

4.Keep Jealousy At Bay- A lot of Mean Mommies mean comments to others comes from jealousy of the mother they are speaking about. Some Moms will have it more together then you, others will not.

SOLUTION: Learn from these Mothers. They can teach you parenting tips or maybe once you get to know them, you will realize that they too, have hardships, problems and are real people.


Motherhood is a really difficult job and we should all be in this together. Mothers being mean to other mothers are childish and your children may hear you being catty. Instead of being pinned against one another, we are all in this together and need the support from each other. It takes a village to raise a child and if we are all on the same team, it makes this job a lot easier.