When Bedtime Gets Interrupted

Bedtime is a coveted time for parents. Let’s face the facts, we function on little sleep and usually have a demanding lifestyle. That is why sleep is one of our favorite things to do. A good sleep is not just wanted, it’s needed and the difference between a full sleep and a partial sleep can be the difference in our health declining. Getting a good sleep means staying healthy. So where do you rest your head at night?

We think parents should be asking that question seriously.

How Old Is Your Pillow?

Many people have pillows that are old. Pillows that do not support their head properly. Pillows that are disgusting. Then these same people wonder why they have back problems. Perhaps it’s your pillow.

It’s time to stop the compromise.

It’s time to customize.

How do you customize your pillow?

You can buy ones with a specific grades, like hard pillows or soft pillows but you really don’t know until you sleep on the pillow for a few days what it is going to be like. If you make the wrong choice, pillows are hard to return to a store and it can be an expensive mistake.

You can’t really re-gift a used pillow or just give a pillow away.

We wanted a pillow that is clinically shown to improve sleep. That is why we love the Floating Comfort Water Base Pillow.

Have you ever wondered what it was like to have a pillow that gives you your preferred support? This is a pillow where you call the shots. If you want a softer lighter pillow one day and then a hard pillow the next day you can have it all with the same pillow.

How is that possible?

Here is our Mediflow water pillow review:

The Floating Comfort water base pillow by Mediflow is a water pillow. Do you want a firmer pillow? Simply add water to increase the firmness. Need a softer sleep? Simply release some of the water from your water pillow.

This pillow is machine washable and has a 300 thread count.

Most of all, this pillow is clinically shown to improve sleep quality and reduce neck pain in the published, independent peer-reviewed study conducted at John Hopkins University School of Medicine.

If you are a person who has back aches, headaches and you wake up feeling more tired than when you went to bed, this pillow can be your answer to not only a better sleep, but a better life!

So when we were given our very own Floating Comfort Water based pillow or “water pillow” I had so many questions. How do I fill the pillow?

How do you Fill The Mediflow Water Pillow?

It was simple! The pillow came with a dual purpose tool. I simply removed the cap and began to fill the pouch with a measured amount of water. It was easy to decide how much water is perfect for you because of the coveted filling chart.

There are three desired degrees of firmness: Soft, Medium and Firm. Soft takes 2 Litres of water, while medium is 3 Litres of water while firm is 4-5 Litres of water. It’s that simple. We made sure to use cold to lukewarm tap water. The water temperature should never be over 38 degrees Celsius or 100 degrees F. You do not have to add any chemicals to the water.

It was Comfortable!

What I was most pleasantly surprised about is that the water in the pillow can be left for up to one year and then it should be changed. This pillow provides so much but its so low maintenance which is perfect for the busy parent.

Sometimes, you may feel that there is an air pocket. You know you have an air pocket if you hear slouching coming to from your pillow. I personally did not experience this but if it does happen to you just gently push fingers down the pillow and find the top of the water level. Then, gently flatten the remaining portion of the pouch in a sweeping motion to remove the air pocket. Lastly, you continue to apply light pressure to the top portion of the pouch and replace the cap. Use the wrench tool to tighten the cap completely.

Mediflow Water Pillow Is Our Choice For a Good Night's Rest!

How does this pillow break down? It is comprised of three simple components. You sleep on a sot, cloud like layer of COMBEDLoft Fiber. The second section has a thermal insulator that surrounds the water layer. At the bottom is an exclusive, adjustable aqua support pouch that provides responsive support while you sleep.

The John Hopkins Study on Mediflow Water Pillow

Before I get into my personal experience, let’s dive into the John Hopkins study. The water base pillow is CLINICALLY Shown to improve sleep. As published in the Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation the findings were conclusive. “The water- based pillow was associated with reduced morning pain, increased pain relief and improved quality of sleep.” This pillow does not only have the reviews to prove it but a peer reviewed study conducted at the John Hopkins School of Medicine! This pillow has science on its side. Thanks to this high quality water based pillow, everyone is going to get a better sleep and perform better at tasks!

I Chose The Softer Pillow

I like a softer pillow but I found with this pillow that my head support needed a medium firmness. It felt like a like a cloud but this was not only about my comfort but making my recent neck pain feel better. I tested the medium firmness pillow for about five minutes and I felt confident that this would work. Have I converted from the soft pillow firmness? I think so!

When night time fell, I was worried about a new pillow. If I was to wake up in pain, it could really offset my busy day with work, children, cooking and cleaning. It’s not ideal but with my lifestyle I have to be on my A game all of the time. I started to develop this neck pain and I was blaming my beautiful albeit old soft pillow. It was time to go out with the old and in with the new!

Time To Sleep With Mediflow Water Pillow

So it was time after a very busy day to go to sleep. I went to sleep and I was surprised how quickly I actually fell asleep! It can take on average twenty minutes for me to pass out but it only took five. There was no increase of work in my day to make me go to sleep faster. I attribute it all to the pillow

When I woke up there was no neck ache. But the next day was a busy one, as I was staying at a friend’s house babysitting for about six days. It’s one thing when you get a great sleep in your bed, but what about a bed that is not yours? I find when I sleep in other beds, I get a horrible sleep, so I had to see if the water pillow can withstand the ultimate test.

When I arrived at my friends beautiful centurion home I was given a beautiful big bed to sleep in. I am a crazy person who loves a lot of pillows so I brought my new best friend, my water pillow, with me. Sleeping in a new bed can mean back problems, neck problems and can lead for a crabby me. But I had to be on my A game as I was responsible for my friend’s children, pets and house.

Over the next six days, that pillow was a welcomed sleep. No matter where I slept, that pillow came with me and I had no problems at all. It was actually helping me get a better sleep and I was waking up more rested and ready to start my day a lot quicker.

This pillow was not only changing my sleep habits, it was changing my life. As cliché as it sounds, more rest meant more productivity in the morning and especially when I was still working but house sitting and babysitting for my friend, I had to be on my A game more than ever.

This Pillow Is Great!

The facts are as follows. The pillow is made very well. It is made with care and a great sleep in mind. Some common worries I had before I even got the water pillow was that I could feel the cap in which you pour the water in and that it would leak. Both of these worries could not be farther from the truth. I have never been able to feel the cap as the pillow is made with superior materials. Secondly this may be a water pillow but my head would not be swimming anytime soon. The pillow is just so well made. I owe that all of to its superior creation and the trusted brand.

There is no point in hoping that a brand of pillow may be the right fit for you. You risk not being able to return the pillow if it is not suitable for you and you may buy wrong. I thought I was a soft pillow person but thanks to my water base floating pillow, I realize that I am a medium pillow person. Can you afford that mistake?

The Perfect Pillow For Kids: Mediflow!

Also, guessing what pillow your child prefers can be daunting. You can end up buying two or three pillows until you find that perfect fit. In that time, your child can be getting a bad sleep, going to school and not keeping up. At the very least, you can have a grouchy child and your child deserves a great night’s rest. They have busy lives that require them to be awake and healthy. If your children are in any activities this pillow can help with neck or back pain. If you have a child suffering from growing pains, getting a good sleep can be integral and this pillow can help!

You should buy Meidlow water base pillow for the whole family. That way, if your child likes a firmer pillow it is a simple adjustment that takes minutes, rather than going out shopping multiple times which can take days. The only thing that will be lighter in the end is your wallet. With mediflow water base pillow, your pillow comes with a 5 year warranty, so it is here to stay. It is also competitively priced with other pillows so buying this pillow over others is a no brainer.

Getting a great sleep is not just about starting your day off right, it is about keeping your health on track. Your physical health and mental health matter so much and you and your family deserve a great night’s rest. With Mediflow’s water based pillow, you can pick the right fit for you head so you can go to sleep faster and go into a deeper sleep. It’s time to make sleeping less of a chore and more of a great way to end a productive day.

Get The Sleep You Deserve

Get the sleep you deserve and give the sleep that your family deserves. No matter how big or small, a good sleep is integral. Get the Mediflow floating comfort water based pillow and not only get a great sleep, but literally change your life. With a good sleep guarantees a good start to your day which can get you to eat cleaner, move more and take on new tasks. Suddenly you have the energy for more exercise and taking on tasks that you never thought you would have the energy for. You could notice your child’s mood and grades are improving and they start exploring new hobbies and interests.

Don’t keep spending all of that money to try to find the perfect pillow, just get Mediflow and find the perfect firmness for you in the comfort of your own home. All it takes is an easy no hassle adjustment! It’s so easy your children can tell you what level of firmness you need without dragging them from store to store and making a guess at what level of firmness your child needs!

It is time to get a hold of your health and a great sleep. Make sure to

Stop the compromise and

Customize! With Mediflow floating comfort water based pillow. I love my water pillow and so will you!