Mega Bat Book Review

What do jelly rolls, loneliness and Darth Vader have in common? A lot more than you would think! When Daniel moved into a new house, he had no idea it would be so big and old. He missed his friends and everything about his life before. Now, everything is so far away. He is also dealing with the fact that his new house is completely haunted.

The dripping noises are annoying and the sniffing noises have Daniel convinced that his house is completely haunted. However, when Megabat appears, his world is turned upside down! Megabat was napping on a sweet papaya when he was taken and shipped halfway across the world. He finds himself in the same old house and has met Daniel!

Though Daniel should be afraid of Megabat, who is indeed a bat and not a ghost, he is not! Megabat is adorable. Megabat is truly impressed that Daniel is not afraid of him like every other human.

Both Megabat and Daniel know what it is like to feel out of place. They also meet a pigeon and have a common enemy in Jaime who discovers that Megabat can indeed talk. With so many twists and turns, your reader will be thrilled about the story and sharing in the adventure.

Why You Will Love This Book

Tundra Books Megabat is full of adventure and action so even the most reluctant reader will enjoy this story and learn new words and become animated with reading out loud. The plot will keep children hooked and you will see them want to read the whole book in one sitting.

Both Megabat and Daniel are relatable to the reader. If your child has ever felt that they are alone or not fitting in or they have recently moved to a new area, they will immediately relate to these two brave characters and see how they exhibit bravery through the text. There are definite lessons of comradery, bravery and not judging a book by its cover.

Author Anna Humphrey understands children Daniel’s age and took great time and care into developing his character so it is relatable to your child. Her writing magic makes frightened readers want to read and learn and seasoned readers sit down and read this book in one sitting. That is no easy task but Anna Humphrey pulls it off. Illustrator Kass Reich takes the description of Megabat and brings it to life with a loveable sassy character.

We highly recommend Megabat for your child to keep in their library or to read as a class project!


Speak to your child about what friendship is about and what qualities they are looking for in a friend before and after they have read Megabat. You may notice that children think more clearly about what is important in a friend after they have read the book.