Today is Mei Mei’s birthday, the day her parents brought her back from China. Mei Mei is adopted and she is so excited to have her birthday noodles! Mei-Mei’s Lucky Birthday Noodles is a wonderful children’s book that is perfect for adoptive children, multi-cultural families and those looking for a great recipe!


Mei-Mei’s Lucky Birthday Noodles is a wonderful tale of family, togetherness and promoting culture and tradition. Mei Mei’s Mother makes sure that Mei-Mei understands all of the tradition behind her noodles and the importance of her birthday. Mei-Mei is also a responsible girl who helps her Mother make her special meal, Chow Mein.


We love that this book empowers children with their culture, any family of any culture would appreciate passing down these wonderful traditions and the help of parent and child. Mei-Mei is also adopted and knows this and embraces her Chinese culture. Any family will enjoy the togetherness, passing down traditional values and the love a family has for one another. Not to mention, the wonderful recipe in the back of the book for you and your children to try! Tuttle Publishing has yet another beautiful book, illustrated by Heidi Goodman.

Author Shan Shan Chen writes a beautiful book that positively challenges a young reader and keeps them engaged through out every page. Heidi Goodman’s illustrations are lovely and you can feel the family love exuding off of each page. This is a must have in any library!