Many parents are also business owners, making transactions every day. Whether you are a small start-up company or a big business, you are always looking for solutions to make your company run smoother. Being a parent and a business owner means you need to find time to be with your family, but also be successful in your field of work.


Parents are always striving for measures to make life run smoother. Merchant Account Solutions (MAS) is your solution to help your business run better. Merchant Account Solutions is one the most innovative, fastest growing payment solution providers in the industry. What makes them so special? They not only cater to the big fortune 500 companies, but they are also a great fit for small start-ups, which many of us own.

Parents who own start-ups need a company that will be cost effective, yet tailor to their business. MAS has products for all businesses. Founded in 2007, MAS knows what the modern business wants and needs to thrive in their respective industry. They are dedicated to providing each and every customer with the most advanced systems and technology that the industry has to offer.

Merchant Account Solutions can offer you personalized solutions for your business, no matter who you are. It would be a lot easier to make your transactions on a wireless credit card reader. This reader has the best credit card swiper! Picture it, statistics show that 66% of all face to face transactions are paid via debit or credit cards. If you don’t have an effective credit card reader, that puts a transaction through successfully and timely, you are losing a hefty part of your business. When a customer is purchasing through a credit or debit card, they typically spend more than someone paying with cash. That is why businesses, big or small, need to have the best.

The Nurit 2085 is perfect for businesses. Get off your slow phone line and process card transactions with ease.

Great service is integral for any business. As parents, we need to have tools that make our businesses run efficiently. Building relationships is important and Merchant Account Services not only offers exceptional product and service, but through their advanced systems, it helps you, as the business, provide high quality relationships to your customers, making them repeat cliental. Your client will have quick transactions, which makes them feel working with you is a breeze.

Keep your family business alive and thriving by building those relationships! Make sure to use Merchant Account Solutions for their groundbreaking technology and superior customer support. Enjoy more time with your family thanks to MAS. To find your customized solution call now for an instant quote or get a quote online.