Mermaid Birthday Party

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Summer is here, and nothing says summer like the beach! The annual Mermaid Parade at Coney Island is this Saturday, and mermaids are one of the top trends around when it comes to birthday parties for girls. That’s why we’ve created a new and exclusive mermaid birthday party theme!

These gorgeous party supplies were designed by our amazing team of party experts at Birthday Express, and can’t be found anywhere else. Also, our friends at Evite have made some matching invitations to go with them, which you can see here.

Keep reading to get more inspiration for this party theme!

With their lovely mermaid scale and seahorse patterns, these purple, pink, and blue plates and napkins are perfect for going on a magical undersea adventure. Each kit is the complete party in a box, which makes party planning a cinch.

Go deluxe and get party favors and even more décor included – or, if you’re just throwing a party “just because,” our Just Because pack contains all the essential party supplies for eight guests.

These Striped paper straws are a wonderful addition to the tableware at this party, and they look fantastic when displayed on the table in a simple clear glass!

Go beyond balloons! This super-cute octopus balloon is guaranteed to put smiles on faces, and it goes great with pink star balloons and our special mermaid balloon bouquet. This kit includes ribbons and a balloon weight – just don’t forget the helium!

Dress-up makes every birthday party better! You don’t necessarily need a full-on costume, either – a flowing pink tutu is perfect for the little ones at their first big birthday celebration. Accessorizing with a headband or some faux flowers makes her even more precious.

Every girl in attendance will love channeling their inner mermaid with mermaid costumes! Simpler accessories like fabulous seaweed boas and sparkly mermaid tiaras are great options for larger groups of guests. After the party, save the costumes for Halloween, or make them into a mainstay of the playroom.

Create a “Mermaid Craft Cove” activity corner! Guests can make and their own mermaid crowns with craft foam and pipe cleaners, and then decorate them with paints, markers, stickers, and more.

For another great party activity that everyone is sure to love, break out the bubbles! A backyard filled with bubbles does a lot to help out the undersea theme. Here’s our recipe to make up a batch of the best bubble solution ever:

  1. Fill a large bucket with 1 gallon of lukewarm water.
  2. Add 2/3 cup dish soap
  3. Add 3 tablespoons glycerin
  4. Mix slowly — you don’t want a big bucket of lather!
  5. Scoop out any extra foam or suds, and pour the solution into shallow pans, suitable for dipping into with bubble wands.

Giant bubble wands are certainly something special – kids of all ages (and grown-ups, too!) will have a blast using them, and they’ll provide tons of summer fun for years to come. Smaller versions of these wands, with bubble solution included, can also make great party favors.

These sculpted sandcastle sponge cakes are absolutely amazing! If you don’t have a special, fancy molded pan, you can still get the look with an ordinary tiered cake, dressed up with brown sugar and crumbled cookies as “sand”. For the finishing touch, cut out some slips of construction paper and tape to toothpicks to make the fun little flags on top!

Some brightly colored, sequined fabric from your local craft store can make the perfect table cover for this party theme. It looks just like beautiful mermaid scales! It’s also a good idea to add some conchs, sand dollars, and other seashells into the decorating scheme.

Here’s what our mermaid invitations over on Evite look like! They’re the absolute perfect way to invite guests in style and let them know an afternoon of undersea adventure awaits.

So, what do you think of our new mermaid birthday party theme? Are you planning a birthday party for your daughter or niece soon? What party should we design next? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter, and check out our Pinterest boards for more ideas and inspiration, too!

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