Mermaid Names – Mermaids are the mythical creatures we have seen in books and stories for centuries. Firstly, they are half human and half fish and they live in the oceans. Secondly, they have been known to speak to sailors, relax in coves and bays and even save people who are in distress at sea. Some people even believe they exist!

One of the best things about mermaids is their names. We have some great mermaid names that you can name your little one! Additionally, we have included their origins and meanings to help you find the perfect mermaid name.

Mermaid Names

Firstly, mermaids are mythological, magical and loved from people everywhere. From movies like The Little Mermaid to countless stories and folk tales about mermaids, parents are curious about mermaid names and what are some great possibilities for their children. It’s time to channel your inner mermaid!

What is the folk story of Mermaids

Mermaids are a popular figure in folklore and mythology around the world. Firstly, the most well-known stories of mermaids come from European folklore, where they are said to be beautiful creatures with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a fish. They are often depicted as having long, flowing hair. Additionally, they had a tail that is half fish and half human.

In many stories, mermaids are said to have the power to sing and lure sailors to their deaths with their enchanting songs. They are also said to be able to grant wishes to those who are able to capture them. However, they are often portrayed as dangerous and unpredictable creatures that should not be trusted.

In other stories, mermaids are seen as benevolent creatures that help sailors in distress. Some stories say that mermaids have healing powers and can cure illnesses. Mermaids are also said to have the power to control the sea and the weather.

Mermaids are also commonly portrayed in folktales and legends as creatures that are not fully human and not fully fish, and are often seen as symbols of the unknown and the mysterious depths of the sea. Their stories often reflect the human fascination with the ocean and the unknown, as well as the fear of the sea and its power.

It’s worth noting that the stories and beliefs about mermaids vary depending on the culture and historical context, and that their characteristics, behaviors and roles can be different depending on where you look for them.

What Are Some Good Mermaid Names?

We have the best mermaid names for your little boys and little girls. Here are some of the best mermaid and merman names that are out there.

The Best Mermaid Names For A Little Girl

The best mermaid names for a little girl have great meaning and a story behind why these names are perfect for a mermaid name. Here are the best mermaid names for a little girl.


The star of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Ariel was the red haired protagonist who saves Prince Eric from drowning. After making a bad deal with the sea witch Ursula, Ariel tries to win over Eric’s affections without a voice, the only identifying factor Eric has to find his heroine. This is considered one of the most beloved stories from Disney!


Hebrew for the “lioness of God”. This beautiful mermaid name is perfect for those who are leaders and are ready to inspire others.

We see the name Ariel in both Christian and Jewish mysticism as an angel.


Known as one of Ariel’s sisters, Aquata is a perfect name for your little mermaid! We love the subtle mention of water in this name.


This name means water.


This Greek based name is a perfect mermaid name. Firstly, Attina was one of Ariel’s sisters, this name tells a story of what the family must have really been like.


The name Attina means “wise.”


This name is actually the female version of “Andrew.” Andrina is one of Ariel’s older sisters.


Andrina means “one who is brave.”


Another of mermaid Ariel’s little sisters. It has a Spanish origin.


Meaning “noble”, this name is perfect for your mermaid princess.


This Greek based name is another of Ariel’s sister’s names.


This name means “the best”. What a great name for your mermaid!


This Greek based name is another of Ariel’s sister’s names.


Allana means precious. It is from both a Germanic origin and a Hawaiian origin.


Queen Athena is the name of Ariel from The Little Mermaid’s mother.


This Greek name is after the greek goddess Athena. The name means the Goddess of wisdom and war.


This Latin name means precious. Pearls are found in the mouth of some oysters. Pearl is also the name of one of the characters in the Little Mermaid series.

Good Merman Names

Mermaids get all the credit! However, mermen are also riding the waves of cool. Here are some great mermen names that you will love.


This merman name means “God of the sea.” It has a Greek origin. Triton was also the name of Ariel’s father in the movie The Little Mermaid.


This merman was a minor character on the Little Mermaid series. Apollo has a Greek origin and means “the destroyer.”


Neptune is a perfect name for a merman because it means “God of water” in Greek.


This German based name means “one who lives by a stream.”


Meaning “eagle” but is also known as a famous mermaid sculpture


This water based name means a stream of water that flows into a channel or an ocean.


In Hawaiian this name means “sea.” In Japanese this name means seashell. This is a perfect name for a merman.


Meaning white, Caspian is the name of the Caspian Sea located between Europe and Asia.


After the mighty Hudson’s Bay located in Canada.


Bay is after the water body. Famous water bodies include Hudson’s Bay located in Canada.

Mermaid names

Above all, mermaid names are some of the most whimsical names in the world. Based on mythology, these names hold deep meanings. Through out the centuries, the myth of mermaids has carried on. Finally, we find that mermaid names will become popular, as people continue to search for unique baby names.