Metis Like Me – Are you Metis like me? Author Tasha Hilderman takes us on a journey on celebrating and experiencing this fabulous heritage through the eyes of a group of children. Let’s discover this inclusive book about connecting or reconnecting with culture, art, heritage and of course, togetherness.

metis like me

What’s It About

Following a group of children, we go on a beautiful journey where we learn and celebrate Metis culture, creativity and how to carry on the culture to the youth. It also shows how these powerful people are healing and trying to reconnect with their culture and fellow people after centuries of horrific treatment. This is a beautiful way for children and parents alike to connect or reconnect with their culture. Alternatively, it is great for others to learn about this fascinating people and the beauty they have to offer.

Children will learn some words from the historical Metis, yummy food, culture, family, local community and global community. Illustrator Risa Hugo draws beautifully. From Metis to those with different cultures, children will be fascinated with the pictures and also want to try some delicious food highlighted in this book.

The cover is embossed resembling the incredible bead work of the Metis people. It is not only a great book but a beautiful keepsake of history, culture and an incredible future.

Extra Credit

Have your children learn more about this culture. What fascinates them? Learn more about bead work, try food or even celebrate local Metis artists or poets. There is so much to explore. Published by Tundra, this book is one of the favorites for the year!

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