Emilia is such a beautiful name with an interesting origin and meaning. However, finding a middle name that can pair well with Emilia does not have to be difficult! Here are the most beautiful middle names for Emilia that you are going to love. Before we get started, let’s dive into Emilia’s name, origin and meaning.

Emilia Name, Origin and Meaning

This competitive girl’s name derives from its Latin counterpart, “Amelius”. Meaning to “excel”, this is a perfect strong girl’s name that has stood the test of time over the centuries. Even though this name is centuries old, it is still a very popular and trendy name. Resting safely at number forty of the top one thousand girl’s names, As a result, Emilia is chosen again and again by families looking for that perfect baby girl name. This name is both traditional and trendy, which makes it a very popular choice by families for generations.

Finding The Perfect Middle Name For Emilia

When parents have that perfect first name, they find it a lot harder to find a matching middle name that pairs well. It does not have to be that hard! There are many ways to find a good middle name. We have 13 top tips to choosing the perfect middle name for your daughter. Other people skip the traditional route of choosing a middle name through family lineage names or names that have a deep meaning and work with a baby name generator.

A Baby Name Generator

A baby name generator can generate as many baby name as you like to help you decide the perfect pairing middle name to Emilia. Therefore, there are many great ways to discover the perfect middle name. Similarly, we have compiled a great list of middle names for Emilia that you are going to love. We have mixed them with traditional and trendy and also focused on some middle names that have a strong meaning like Emilias.

Middle Names For Emilia

Emilia is a beautiful name that has lasted for centuries. It deserves a middle name that holds the same weight and strength as Emilia. Here are some beautiful middle name pairings for Emilia including their meanings and origins. As we stated above, we have both traditional and trendy names. We have also chosen middle names that have strong meanings to keep with the strong girl vibe meaning of Emilia.

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This beautiful and popular name has a Hebrew origin and means ” a father’s joy.” Like Emilia, Abigail is one of those names that last for centuries.

Emilia Abigail


The name Amy has a french origin which means one who is “beloved.” This lovely name had a peek popularity in the 1990s and is still a popular name today.

Emilia Amy


This German based name means “noble”, a strong name to match Emilia.

Emilia Adele


A classic Germanic name that means “one who comes from a noble rank”. Another strong girl name to compliment Emilia.

Emilia Alice


This Dutch name means “burnt white.” We find this name popular in the 1980s and 1990s in the United States, but seems to taper off to a more unique name since.

Emilia Brandy


This classic name is English and Hebrew in origin. It actually has a religious meaning, “oath of God”. It saw its peak popularity in the 1940s and 1950s. Often times, it is used as a nickname for Elizabeth.

Emilia Betty


This Scottish based name is a traditional and classic girl’s name. Meaning “one who is attractive”, this pretty name saw its peak popularity until the 1970s and then slowly declined. Revive this beautiful middle name.

Emilia Bonnie


This Irish gender neutral name means a “broad meadow”. This name has worked for boys and girls and recently has become more popular in the United States

Emilia Brady


Meaning ” the land of the Britons”, this identification name has become a fan favorite all over the world. From Italy to the UK, Brittany is a common girl’s name.

Emilia Brittany


This beautiful girl’s name has a powerful meaning, “free woman.” We find this name originating from both France and Germany. Caroline was popular in the 1970s and we are seeing it revived again today.

Emilia Caroline


For those who love to sing, Carol means a “joyful song.” This name is of English origin. The meaning of joyful song, usually implies a religious intent, particularly at Christmas time as many Christians enjoy “Christmas Carols.”

Emilia Carol


For those who love water, Coral can be the perfect middle name for your daughter. Meaning “sea growth”, this name became popular in the Victorian era. Books that spoke about the Coral Islands sparked curiosity in well read Victorians and we see a surge in this name.

Emilia Coral


This name actually has both a Greek and an Egyptian origin. Christine has a religious meaning, “follower of Christ.” This religious based name was created to identify a Christian person in these countries. All in all, this name is centuries old. Christine stands the test of time to this day.

Emilia Christine


The name Daniella is a Hebrew origin and means “God is my judge.” This beautiful girl’s name has been around for centuries.

Emilia Daniella


The name Danielle, like Daniella above comes from Hebrew and means “God is my judge.” This name has been around for centuries and will continue to be around for decades to come.

Emilia Danielle


Derived from Norman meaning “one who is dark haired”, Darcey was originally an identifier name


This Hebrew name means “God is my oath.” The name Elizabeth is a regal one as many Queens have used this name. It is also Biblical, as Elizabeth was the cousin of Mary in the Bible.

Emilia Elizabeth


This name means “life” and has a Latin origin. In the Bible, Quran and Torah, Eve is the name given to the very first woman on Earth. Eve is a beautiful girl’s name that has been around for centuries.

Emilia Eve


Meaning fair, Fiona is a Gaelic name that derives from a Latin name meaning “white.” This beautiful girl’s names has been popular in the western world for decades.

Emilia Fiona


This is an English name that means “a plant that enjoys the shade.” This plant girl’s name became more popular after the book Charlotte’s Web as the main character’s name was also Fern.

Emilia Fern


This beautiful girl’s name has an English origin. Accordingly, it means “a child of the Gods.” This powerful girl’s name would make a great middle name for Emilia.

Emilia Gillian


This flower girl’s name means ” a flower plant that is evergreen.” Heather has a Scottish origin. This flower name was popular in the 1970s and the 1980s and would make a beautiful middle name.

Emilia Heather


This German girl’s name got international attention after the movie Heidi came out starring American sweetheart Shirley Temple. Meaning “one of noble blood”. This regal name would make a beautiful middle name.

Emilia Heidi


This English based name is a musical one. Meaning “one who plays the harp,” this is a perfect middle name for Emilia.

Emilia Harper


This old Norse name means “beloved.” This coveted name is perfect for any little girl.

Emilia Ingrid


The name Inez is popular through out the Western Europe. From France to Portugal, this is a common name. The meaning is the same across the board, ” pure.”

Emilia Inez


The name Jill has an English origin meaning one who is the “child of the Gods.” This adorable name would couple well with Emilia.

Emilia Jill


This is a great name for a boy or a girl! Jessie comes from a Hebrew origin. The name means “it is He who exists (God).” This religious name works great with many names and would make a wonderful middle name for Emilia.

Emilia Jessie


This Gaelic surname became a popular boy and girl name respectively. Meaning ” a helmeted chief”, Kennedy is in the top one hundred girl’s names again this year.

Emilia Kennedy


This English name is quite regal! Meaning a “king’s victory”, Kinsie is a cute and wonderful middle name for Emilia.

Emilia Kinsie


This Scottish based gender neutral name is also a popular plant name for girls. Meaning ” a holly garden,” this name is perfect for a calming and lovable middle name for Emilia.

Emilia Leslie


This short and sweet middle name may be the perfect match for Emilia. Meaning “delicate”, this name has a Hebrew origin and is still popular to this day.

Emilia Leah


A beautiful Italian name like Mona has a great meaning. One who is “aristocratic” means that Mona is a very regal name. Above all, it is more unique than some of our other middle name choices but will be loved by all those who hear it.

Emilia Mona


This French girl’s name is “one who resembles God.” Michelle has been popular for decades, seeing a peak popularity in the 1980s and 1990s.

Emilia Michelle


The name Mary is the most popular girl’s name since the time of recording names. Mary has a huge religious meaning and it was tradition for Catholics to name their girl’s “Mary” or have the middle name of a girl “Mary.” Even though Mary is not on the top girl’s list names currently, it certainly has held its weight for centuries and saw decades of being the most popular girl’s name on the planet. Mary comes from a Hebrew origin and means “beloved”.

Emilia Mary


In the mid 19th century, we see in the United States that compound names become popular. Taking the name Mary and pairing it with Beth worked and we saw this name skyrocket into popular by this time. Marybeth means a drop of water from the sea.

Emilia Marybeth


This Greek name is a strong girl’s name. Accordingly, meaning “victory of the people”, it holds its weight as a powerful middle name!

Emilia Nicole


The name Nancy has an interesting history. Basically, Nancy is a variant of Ann or Anne! Similarly, the meaning of Nancy means “grace”. This classic name saw its peak popularity from the 1930s until the 1960s.

Emilia Nancy


This Sanskrit name is more unique but that is what makes it so special. Meaning “jewel”, the name Opal stands out as a perfect middle name.

Emilia Opal


This fun middle name means “ruler” and is an English name that is an affectionate nickname. Over the years, it has become a name in its own right.

Emilia Queenie


This name has Scandinavian, Israeli and Latin roots. It means a “helpful friend.” Surprisingly, it is still quite unique but packs a punch as a lovely middle name for Emilia.

Emilia Rayne


This Hebrew based name means “ewe”. It is a classic name that is given to aristocrats for centuries.

Emilia Rachel


This Spanish name means “innocent.” Raquel is a rarer name but makes a beautiful name that is paired with Emilia.

Emilia Raquel


This English surname is seeing itself as a first name for boys and girls over the last few decades. Though quite rare, it makes an interesting middle name for Emilia. Meaning one “from the tree stump spring”, Stockwell brings a strong girl’s name to couple well with Emilia

Emilia Stockwell


This Greek based name saw its popularity in the 1980s and 1990s and now is not hear of as much. Meaning “crown” from the Greek origin, this name is absolutely beautiful.

Emilia Stephanie


This gender neutral name is from Old English. Meaning “a little star”, this space name is beloved by families who choose it.

Emilia Sterling


This fun Irish name means “of a rocky hill”. All in all, this name is perfect for the outdoorsy family looking for a great middle name to compliment Emilia.

Emilia Taryn


This Roman name means one who is “strong.” We can’t think of a better strong girl’s name to compliment Emilia!

Emilia Valentina


This Old English name “of the willow tree” is perfect for any little girl. It is unique, beautiful and compliments Emilia well.

Emilia Willow


This Greek name means “life” and brings life to the name Emilia.

Emilia Zoey

Middle Names For Emilia – Above all, we hope this list inspires you to find the perfect middle name for your little Emilia! Alternatively, you can always check out our baby names section for further inspiration!