Levi is such a popular name. Over the years, it has risen dramatically in popularity. Parents want to find the perfect middle names for Levi that compliment the first name. We have some great middle name combinations for Levi that you are going to love and are guaranteed to inspire you to find that perfect middle name. In order to find the perfect middle name, Let’s dive in to the meaning of Levi.

Levi Meaning

This Hebrew name means one who is “joined in harmony.” This meaning is not lost on many admirers of Levi as it has Biblical origins. According to the Bible, Levi is the son of Jacob and Leah. It is evident that Levi is the baby that joined this couple in harmony. Levi not only has a rich history, but also is incredibly popular. Ranked number twelve in the top one thousand boy’s names, more and more people are choosing Levi as the name for their child. Levi pulls off the perfect name. Not only is it popular, but it is a key name in history and has survived and thrived for centuries. We bet the name Levi isn’t going anywhere soon.

Finding The Perfect Baby Name For Levi

A name that is both traditional and trendy, middle names for Levi should follow the same rule. People choose many different ways to come up with the perfect middle name. We highlight many of them in our thirteen ways to choose the perfect middle name and stick with it.

Firstly, parents choose a middle name based off of an important family member or friend. This can be a parent or a grandparent, uncle, aunt or very important friend in the families lives. Parents often choose someone who has been a positive role model in their lives. We always recommend if you are choosing a middle name based on a friend that this is a good friend who has been in your life for years.

Giving your child a middle name sake is an honor for the person you are naming your child after. Secondly, it passes down an important name that could become a family name. Lastly, these people will be a great guide or someone for your child to look up to.

Parents choose middle names based on hereditary names or names that have been passed down. Children could be named after their parents or grandparents. This is to pass down names that are in a certain culture or hold a certain family meaning, or both!

Finally, parents choose middle names based on how they sound or what they mean. If a name has a strong first name meaning, the parents may choose a strong middle name to compliment the first name.

More and more, parents combine middle names of the two grandparents or create middle names based on likes. They name their children after plants or animals or other things of nature. This is the generation of many different middle names.

Baby Name Generator

For some parents, finding the perfect baby name takes work. Sometimes, they need the ultimate inspiration! This is done by using a baby name generator, like one we have. The baby name generator can be altered to the tastes of the parents. It can focus on a first letter or just pull up any name that parents need. In seconds, parents have a long list of names.

However you choose a middle name or a list of middle names, wear it for a while. Say it out loud and even sleep on it for a few days. It takes time to find that perfect name,

The Best Middle Names For Levi

Levi is such a powerful name. It has been around for centuries. Levi is a Biblical name so it has a religious context. Lastly, Levi is a trendy name as well as traditional. It is number twelve on the top boy name lists. This means that Levi is chosen time and time again by families as a baby name.

Here are some of the best middle names for Levi. We have included their meaning and origin to help you make a good decision on the perfect middle name. They are labeled from A to Z. Included are names that are both trendy and traditional. We know that these middle names will inspire you.


The name Aaron means “strong” and is of the Hebrew origin. Like Levi, Aaron is one of those names that lasts for centuries.

Levi Aaron


This English origin name means “one of the ash tree.” It was once a surname that has now become a great gender neutral first name. It is widely used across English speaking countries.

Levi Ashton


This Hebrew name is actually from the old testament! Though it is trendy it is also very traditional and has lasted for centuries. Meaning “happy”, this name will make many families happy as a perfect middle name for Liam.

Levi Asher


This Greek name is beloved all over the world. It means strong! Consider this strong boy’s name for your little guy.

Levi Andrew


This new and unique name means “the upmost point” and is now becoming a cool and unique first name for little boys.

Levi Apex


From the French meaning for “tree”, this outdoorsy name is a perfect compliment to Levi.

Levi Arbor


This Scandinavian based name means “eagle”, which makes a great outdoorsy and strong companion name to Levi.

Levi Ari


This name has a Latin origin and means, “blessed.” It has been used as a last name and is now a first name for all people.

Levi Bennett


This regal name comes from the Old Irish version meaning “Prince”. Consider this princely name for your little one.

Levi Brandon


This fun and trendy Irish name is actually quite old! It means “salmon” and makes a great name for any little one.

Levi Braydon


The Scottish based name Brice means “freckled”. This fun and cool name is great for a little one.

Levi Brice


The name Bodhi seems new and cool but it is actually centuries old. Originating from Sanskrit, it means “awakening”.

Levi Bodhi


This Scottish surname is now a first name! It means one who is the “son of marsh dwellers.” That means this name was an identifier name for people who lived in those areas.

Levi Carson


The name Carter is Scottish and is a name that was an identifier name. It was used for those who used to cart goods from one space to another. Carter was originally a surname but has become a popular first name.

Levi Carter


This Scottish gender neutral name means one of the “winding valley.” It is an identifier name telling people where this certain person is from.

Levi Camedon


This is a new and trendy name but actually holds a secret. It is centuries old! Cash is Latin and means “hollow.”

Levi Cash


The name Crew is English and identified a group of people. Similarly, we see a lot of people with the surname Crew, mainly in England. As this name grew, it became a trendy first name.

Levi Crew


This forest based name has a beautiful meaning. Based in Ireland, this name means “oak tree.”

Levi Darren


The name Daniel is Biblical and has been popular for centuries. Daniel comes from Hebrew and means “God is my judge.”

Levi Daniel


This powerful boy’s name means just that, one who is “powerful.” It has a Celtic origin.

Levi Donald


This Latin based name means one who is “Lordly.” Consider this regal name for Levi.

Levi Dominic


Meaning “elevated”, this Hebrew name is a short form for many Biblical names, like Elijah.

Levi Eli


This worldly name is perfect for your little boy. Meaning “universal,” Emmett lives up to its name. It has Latin,Hebrew and German roots and is certainly a universal name as its description states. Consider Emmett for your little one.

Levi Emmett


This Old English name means “old boar.” If you like strong boy names that have been around for centuries, consider Everett for your little boy.

Levi Everett


This name has a Turkish origin and means “extremely rare.” Like this name, your child is one of a kind! Consider Ender for your little one.

Levi Ender


Frank is a short form for Francis. However, Frank can be a stand alone name!

Levi Frank


This classic name is often times passed on from generation to generation. The long version of Frank, Francis is of French origin and means “french man.” This is an identification name based on where people are from.

Levi Francis


The name Ford is English based that means “river crossing.” This would make a beautiful water based boy’s name.

Levi Ford


This Old English name is after the animal. In stories and folk lore, a fox is always sly. Consider this animal based name for your little boy.

Levi Fox


This Latin name means “watchful.” Consider this strong boy’s name.

Levi Gregory


This Greek name is centuries old. From the Greek word “farmer”, this identifier name would tell people that this is a person from a farming family. Today, George is a name that is beloved by millions of people around the world and often times is a hereditary name or a name that is passed down from generation to generation.

Levi George


This was a surname and popular in England. Now, some families are using it as a unique first name. Gore means a spear.

Levi Gore


This is a French name that means “one who rules the house.” It is also a regal name for English aristocracy.

Levi Henry


Harold is a classic English name means one who is an “army ruler.” This strong boy’s name is perfect for any little boy.

Levi Harold


This Russian name means “God is gracious.” It has a religious meaning and that is powerful for many families all over the world.

Levi Ivan


Originally a last name, Jackson means one who is the “son of John.” From an English origin, this last name has become a very popular first name.

Levi Jackson


The name Jordan means one who “descends.” This has a Hebrew origin and is a popular name all over the world.

Levi Jordan


This biblical name is of a Hebrew origin. James means “substitute.” It

is also considered a regal name with many kings named James over the centuries. James is also one of the apostles names so it has a Biblical meaning to so many.

Levi James


The name John is a regal one, as many kings and prince’s have had this name. Similarly, it is a Biblical name, where John is one of Jesus’ apostles. Lastly, John is a name that has been around for centuries and stood the test of time. John comes from the Hebrew phrase “graced by God”. Consider this lovely name for your little one.

Levi John


This name is also Biblical, as we remember the oldest son of King Saul who was from the Old Testament. Jonathan is a Hebrew based name meaning, “God has given.” Consider this name for your little boy.

Levi Jonathan


The name Kensington is an identifier name. It means the “town of Cynsige’s people” and identifies those from an are of England. Over the years, we see Kensington becoming a more popular name.

Levi Kensington


This British based name was an identifier name. It means “king’s town.” Over the years, it makes an interesting middle name for little ones.

Levi Kingston


Another word for “monarch”, King became a popular first name, particularly in the United States. This originates from Old English.

Levi King


This animal name is a cool one! Originating from Greece, Leon means lion! Choose this strong boy’s name for your little one.

Levi Leon


This Latin based name means “light.” Luxe is a gender neutral name that is gaining in popularity quickly, particularly in the United States. Consider this bright name for your little one.

Levi Luxe


The name Liam is currently one of the most popular boy’s names. This Irish name means strong willed warrior. Consider this boy’s name for your little one.

Levi Liam


This outdoorsy name comes from Norman and means “mountain”. Consider this boy’s name for your little one.

Levi Monty


The name Michael is Biblical. Michael was the arch angel that visited the Virgin Mary when she was pregnant with Jesus. The name Michael reached its peek popularity in the 1980s and is still a name that many families all over the world love. Michael means “one who is like God” and is of a Hebrew origin.

Levi Michael


This name is a Biblical one. Matthew was one of Jesus’ apostles. Meaning a “gift from God,” Matthew has a Hebrew origin.

Levi Matthew


The name Mark originates from Latin and means one who is like the God “Mars.”

Levi Mark


Like Matthew, Matteo means “gift from God” and has a Hebrew origin. It also is a Biblical name as Matthew was one of Jesus’ apostles.

Levi Matteo


This fun Celtic name means “champion.”

Levi nigel


This is what is called an “occupational name” or a name that is based off of a families occupation. In the past, people would work the same job as their parents for generations. Napier is and English name for families that sold table linens or produced table linens.

Levi Napier


This classic name has a Scandinavian origin which means “to rule.”

Levi Normal


The name Peter has a Greek origin that means “rock.” Peter was also one of Jesus’ apostles so that brings a religious aspect to choosing a baby name

Levi Peter


This name originates from Scandinavian countries and means “song. We love that this is also a gender netural name.

Levi Rayne


Meaning “to rule”, Ronald is a Scandinavian based name that saw its peek popularity in the 1920s. We still see it around as a classic boy’s name today!

Levi Ronald


This comes from the Latin word, Saint. It is religious in nature and makes a beautiful middle name for Levi.

Levi Santino


This beautiful name means “God has heard” and has a Hebrew origin.

Levi Samuel


This Irish name is a geographical name. This means it was a name that told others where you were from. Tyrone means one from the “island of Owen and it is Celtic in origin.

Levi Tyrone


This old French name means “high spirited”. Consider this happy name for your little one.

Levi Tyson


The name Victor means “winner” and has been a popular name for centuries! It has a Latin base and many kings and rulers would bare this name.

Levi Victor


This Old French name means one who is a “foreigner.”

Levi Wallace


This English name means “warrior” and has been the name of many princes, rules and Kings for centuries.

Levi William

Middle Names For Levi

From contemporary to traditional to trendy, we have your covered with some of the best middle names for Levi.