Middle Names For Olivia

Middle Names For Olivia – Olivia is such a beautiful name and is beloved by so many families. It is so loved in fact, it was the most popular girls name across the United States. This name is beautiful and has a great meaning.

First Name Olivia

Olivia is the mail version of the name Oliver. It has four syllables. Olivia is a Latin based name with the meaning “olive tree.”Olivia has been recorded since the 13th century! It started to gain popularity after the show Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare. Olivia has not lost popularity ever since! Notable people with the name Olivia include actress Olivia Wilde.

Now that you have decided on a perfect first name, what is a beautiful middle name that can accompany this cool first name. Should you go classic or something newer and trendy? We have some great suggestions to help inspire you for that perfect middle name to Olivia.

Middle Names For Olivia

Here are some of the best middle names for Olivia. We have a mix of traditional and trendy names and their origins and meanings to help you pick out the best Olivia middle name!

Olivia Bryn

Olivia Bryn is a mix of a timeless first name and a fun and trendy middle name. Bryn is a popular trendy name but it actually means “hill.” It originates from Wales. In Wales, this is a traditional name, but it was not until the year 2000 we started to see Bryn get more popular in the United States. This is a great combination of traditional and trendy.

Olivia Gwynn

This beautiful name has the middle name Gwynn. Gwynn comes from Gwyn which is a Welsh origin. The name means “blessed.” In Wales, this is a traditional name but in North America it is considered new and trendy. We see Gwynn slowly rise in popularity and we think this is another great example of a traditional and trendy name for a little girl!

Olivia Eve

This beautiful girl’s name has been gaining popularity with those who have chose Olivia as a first name. Eve is an English name that derives from the Latin ‘Eva’. Eve means “living” which is a great meaning for a middle name. This name is more of an older name that we are seeing coming back in recent times. Consider Olivia Eve for your little girl!

Olivia Piper

This upbeat name is a favorite for new babies! Piper means “one who plays pipes.” Olivia is a perfect middle name for the musically inclined family. This peppy combination girls name is going to be one that nobody ever forgets. It has a Romanian origin. Consider Olivia Piper for your little girl’s name!

Olivia Wynn

This beautiful first and middle name is gaining in popularity fast! Meaning “friend”, this trendy name is actually an older one making a big comeback! It originates from old English and is pronounced “win.” Wynn is known as a gender fluid name so this is a name that everyone loves! Consider Olivia Wynn for your little one.

Olivia Winter

For those who love the outdoors or those who just love a cool winter breeze, Olivia Winter is crisp, trendy and on point. Naming your child after one of the most beautiful seasons is on point! Many people mistake winter with death but anyone who has experienced winter can attest that this is when birth and renewal begin. The flowers begin to plant and grasses grow under the snowfall. It is like a blanket before spring! Olivia Winter can be about birth and renewal of your beautiful family. Consider Olivia Winter for your little girl.

Olivia Grace

Grace is a classical name, a religious name and a name that has quickly grown to be on trend. The combination of Olivia Grace is one of the most popular middle names for Olivia in recent years! Grace means “elegance and courteousness.” It started its origin from Old French via Latin and spread across the Christian faith. In the last ten years, Grace has risen from a rare girl’s name to a popular girl’s name. Consider Olivia Grace for your little girl!

Olivia Caroline

This beautiful name is for those who love a traditional first and middle name. Caroline has always held popularity with others. Meaning ” strong”, Caroline is the female version of Charles. It has a french origin, but like most names in Europe, spread quickly across the continent becoming popular in Ireland especially. Different variations have since been created. Lastly, if you are looking for name that is traditional and elegant but is a strong girl’s name, look no further than Caroline.

Olivia Madison

This fun and trendy name is a fan favorite. Madison rose to popularity in the 2010s and continues to climb ever since! Madison means “son of Matthew” and has an English origin. However, its overwhelming popularity comes from the United States. Olivia Madison is new, fun and trendy and gives a great balance between traditional and contemporary. If you are looking for a name with a great mix of new and classic, choose Olivia Madison.

Olivia Berry

This fun an contemporary name was actually an English surname in Europe. Berry is derived from Old English and Old French origins meaning a berry fruit. We have also found that Khatris in the Punjab region of India also used Berry as a surname and some Jewish immigrants to the United States were also have found to have Berry as a surname. Olivia Berry is a very green fun name that plays on a traditional surname as a middle name.

If you are looking for something new, consider Olivia Berry.

Olivia Amber

This name is a balance of elegance and fiery passion, Olivia Amber is a unique girls name we came up with to inspire the parents who are looking for some uniqueness and flair. You have the beautiful, elegant sounding Olivia combined with Amber. Amber is the gem with the colors of red and orange making it a firey and fun name. Consider Olivia Amber for your little girl!

Olivia April

This name flows off the tongue perfectly! April is the month best associated with spring. Spring brings new beginnings, birth and new thoughts and ideas. The name Olivia April is crisp, fresh and would be great for any little girl!

Olivia Marie

This beautiful name is traditional, beautiful and full of life. Marie means star of the sea and has a Latin base. It is also the French version of the name “Mary”, which holds a lot of religious meanings for Christian families. Marie is a great name for those who are religious or those who love astronomy. It sounds beautiful and is often a name that is carried down in families from generation to generation. It is a popular name around the world. Consider Olivia Marie for your little girl.

Olivia Lise

Meaning ‘God’s promise’, Lise is a name that has a lot of history. It’s Hebrew origin is a variation to Elisa and it is an English variation to Elizabeth. Olivia Lise is a unique girl’s name and is popular amongst French families and religious families. If you are looking for something elegant and unique, consider Olivia Lise for your little girl.

Olivia Lindsay

This first and middle name combination is great for families looking for something that sounds great but is not as popular. Your child is one of a kind and you want the name to be similar! Lindsay means “island amongst linden trees.” This has a both Scottish and English origin. It has been a well loved girls name for years and continues to remain well liked to this day!

Consider Olivia Lindsay for your little girl!

Olivia Robin

With so many popular girls names have representations for flowers, wildlife and birds, its no surprise that Robin is not more popular than it is! Named after the beautiful bird, Olivia Robin is a beautiful name that is not over saturated. Lastly, if your family is an outdoorsy one or you are looking for a name that is beautiful but not overused, consider Olivia Robin for your little girl!

Olivia Aubrey

Choosing Aubrey as a middle name for Olivia is a great idea. Aubrey is gaining in popularity. Secondly, this name was originally considered a male name and was from a Normal French Origin. Meaning “king of the elves”, Aubrey began to spread after war with the Anglo-Saxons. Aubrey became a boy name hit but then it transitioned into a gender fluid name, beloved by many. If you are looking for a fun and dynamic name with a lot of history and growth consider Aubrey for Olivia’s middle name.

Olivia Lark

Like Robin, the name Lark is so powerful and represents a beautiful bird but it is not a popular name. We foresee the name Lark becoming more and more popular as time goes one. Lark means good feeling, light, free and easy going. If you are looking for a name for your daughter that is carefree, fun and something very unique and special, consider Olivia Lark for your little girl!

Olivia Jacqueline

If you are looking for a strong girls name, consider Jacqueline for the middle name to Olivia. Jacqueline has a french origin and is the female version of Jacques. Jacqueline does not only have a beautiful french origin, but it is also a strong girls name. This name means “may God protect.” What a beautiful name meaning to give to your child! The name Jacqueline has been around for centuries, but it is not very popular at the moment. When something has been able to stand the test of time, that say something about a beautiful name. Similarly, if a name is not as used, it means you can give the name Jacqueline the home it deserves with your precious Olivia!

Olivia Nikki

This fun and dynamic name is cool, crisp and hip. Nikki spelled with two ks is actually of American origin. This name is not to be confused with the more traditional form of Nicole, though it is often used as a nickname for the name Nicole. Nikki means “Victory of the People.” This strong girls name is well known across North America but is unique enough that someone is definitely going to give this name a beautiful home. Consider Olivia Nikki for your little girl.

Olivia Melanie

Melanie has been one of those names that have stood the test of time. Melanie has a French origin that means “dark.” This name exploded in popularity and became a favorite in the English speaking world as well. We seen this name in North America as well.  The name itself is centuries old and has proven time and time again it can withstand the test of time. These two powerful classic names make a beautiful first and middle name for your little girl.

Olivia Jade

A special name with a special gem. Jade is a beautiful green stone that is favored by many but is also considered a new and hip name. Jade is slowly gaining in popularity and we see more and more parents choosing it for middle names over the years. Combining a classic name with a trendy new name is a beautiful way to give your child a mix of classic and contemporary.

Olivia East

More and more people are using unique names to use in their daughters first or middle names. The name East is becoming more and more popular. Maybe this direction has a historical significance to you and your partner or maybe you just like the way it sounds. Olivia East is combining new with a rare and exotic name. It will definitely be one of those names that no one will ever forget! Consider Olivia East for your little girl!

Olivia Cecily

We decided to revive this beautiful older name and put it with the ever popular Olivia. Cecily is one of our dear friends to The Baby Spot’s first name and we think it goes great with Olivia. Cecily means ” blind” or “sixth” and has a Welsh origin. This beautiful name is the female version of Cecil. If you are looking for a beautiful and unique middle name, choose Cecily as your middle name for Olivia.

Olivia Middle Names

Olivia is now the most popular girls name. From  name origins to meanings we have it all. It was important to us to include rare middle names and popular middle names. We hope that these beautiful name pairings have helped inspire you for that perfect name for Olivia!

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