Minimalism for Moms – In a world where getting more is promoted as successful, many people are proving that doing the exact opposite can bring great peace and joy. Moms are looking for a minimal lifestyle and they plan on taking their families to do the same. Many minimalists claim that following the minimalist strategy lowers stress, increases bonds between families, keeps your home cleaner and so much more. The benefits are endless. Let’s learn more about minimalism and minimalism for moms and families. We will also share our ultimate minimalism for Moms guide which includes free printables!

What Is Minimalism?

The concept of minimalism is to promote the things that bring us purpose, aid or joy and to remove all things that do not promote value in one’s life. Things of value could be a family momento, kitchen supplies or a beautiful comfortable blanket. Things that can be distraction include but are not limited to excessive toys, an abundance of electronics, or too many clothes.

Minimalism holds a mirror to what we are hanging on to verses what brings us joy. What is truly important to us as individuals and as families? Many Moms are asking themselves this everyday.

When parents are stuck with constant clean-up, they want more time. Time for themselves, time for their children and time to relax is on every family members minds.

Things minimalists keep are those that serve a function, a purpose or bring joy to the person who possesses them.

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Minimalism Benefits

There are so many benefits by taking on a minimalist lifestyle. Here are a few of the many benefits of taking on a minimalist lifestyle for you and your family.

A Clutter Free Home

Keeping a clean home helps keep order and scheduling in the house. It makes people feel good and it is more healthy to live in a home that is clean, neat and tidy. Clutter can occur from the excess of things. Whether you have massive collections, hold on to many memories or even hoard, taking on a cluttery home can be life changing.

When you declutter your lifestyle, you can also declutter your mind. This brings so much joy and hands you back time that you deserve.

A Clear Mind

There is an old saying that when your house is decluttered, your mind is decluttered. With a clear mine everyday, you have time to set goals for the family, do more things that you want to do and lastly, spend more time together as a family.


Giving your things that you don’t need to charity helps other families and your community. Give back if you are going to give away!

More Time With Those You Love

Now that you are not spending so much time cleaning, organizing and maintaining, you can spend more time with your family.  Minimalists claim they are able to focus on family relationships instead of maintaining things.

These are just a few of the many reasons why minimalists swear becoming minimalist can change your life!

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