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Many parents want their little ones to enjoy the winter season. Sledding, making snowmen and building snow forts are some of the staple activities in the winter. However, that white fluffy stuff gets stuck in between your child’s glove and hand. We  don’t want our child’s fun cut short and Mitt Grips has the answer! As new parents, they have the perfect product and have a Kickstarter Campaign. Let’s support Parent Entrepreneurs!


About MittGrips:

With nothing on the market to be found, Roger set out to come up with something that keeps children’s mittens on and snow out.

Over the past year, Roger has refined the design and tested the product rigorously on the various age groups, from 12 months to 6 years (though we’re now in the process of testing on older kids and adults due to the demand).


Since MittGrips are made of stretchy spandex they work with all styles of mittens and gloves and can be worn under or over jacket sleeves.

The patent pending sleeve extends the cuff of the mitten (either under or over the jacket sleeve) locking mittens in place, making it difficult for toddlers to remove and keeping snow out.

Initially, Roger took on the project to improve our time outdoors, but it works so well – he just had to share!”


Why the Campaign?
We’re taking MittGrips to Kickstarter in order to get the funding we need to place the first production order. Backers are rewarded with first access to the product in return for their contribution. But in order to succeed, the project’s financial goal needs to be met or exceeded. In the event that the goal is not met by the end of the Kickstarter campaign, backers don’t pay their pledge. Without Kickstarter, it might be years before MittGrips are available on the market.

Kickstarter campaign ends – Feb 2nd