Mom of The Month – My Mommy Posts

Meet My Mommy Posts who is inspiring parents everywhere through her blogging and Youtube Channel. This content creator is determined to make Moms feel like they are not alone in this parenting experience and is a support system to Moms everywhere.

Tell us how you started blogging. What made you choose blogging/ vlogging? What has the journey been like?

– I decided to become a blogger and video content creator after I went through my pregnancy and birth experience. I constantly found myself googling for information and looking for a community of moms who knew what they were doing to perhaps answer any questions I had. I felt as if  my doctor appointments were lacking informational guidance to being a new mom outside the physical anatomy.
I realized then that not every women who goes through pregnancy and birth  has the support system that we think that every women has during this time. That is when [click_to_tweet tweet=”I decided to create My Mommy’s Posts I wanted to create a safe environment for women to come together and share their tips and tricks , reach out , and help support one another.” quote=”I decided to create My Mommy’s Posts I wanted to create a safe environment for women to come together and share their tips and tricks , reach out , and help support one another.”] Whether it is financially, emotionally ,or simply  just hearing someones story and knowing they are not alone ! My journey so far has been so eye opening ,I really thought I was the only one searching for support and answers and it feels like most moms fall into this trap of unknown uneducated mess of motherhood. The mothers that I have in my community now are an amazing loving group who are constantly looking out for each other and I can’t wait for it to grow globally.


Tell us what it was like becoming a Mom?

– It took me a while to become a mom. At one point in my life I thought I was never going to become a mom and just learned to accept it . Once it happened I was so happy and excited I was physically and emotionally ready at this point and that is why I believe my baby came to me at the right time in my life. During my pregnancy I was dealing with grieve from loosing my sister the year prior, so I truly believe my baby came to me as a gift from her. Becoming a mom is a big lifestyle change so you have to be ready for that , but I wouldn’t change that for the world.

Funniest Moment as a Mom?

-My baby boy just turned one so I am still fresh to this mommy funny moments. BUT last week I took my baby to the public library for us to do some activities and he decided to pass continuous gas so loud that I had to rush him out the library so fast in embarrassment- I laughed so hard in my car like, how can this come out of a one year old?

Greatest accomplishment to you in your life?

– Surviving the first year of motherhood

Where would you like to take your blog in the future?

– I would like to eventually create a global brand to help moms come together- in addition I want to use my blog as a spring board to become an advocate to help the transition of moms into motherhood. I believe that there is a huge gap in knowledge and education for moms from the point of conception all the way to after birth. That is why we hear about postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety amongst other greater issues is a huge concern for moms altogether – I believe it is because moms are not prepared or do not have the right tools to help transition into that phase of their life.

Best mom Advice for others?

– DO not pay attention to all that outside noise about your body “bouncing” back after birth. It took your body 9 months to create a human it is going to take at least 9 months for it to get back to “normal” give it time to heal and be patient with your body.

What does it mean to you to inspire other Moms?

– For me I always say if my blog has helped or inspired at least one mom I have done my job. I want to take back the traditional way we perceive pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We have advanced in many ways but somehow we have continued practicing the process of pregnancy and birth the same way we have been practicing since my mom gave birth to me. Somehow the medical part has advanced in certain areas but the knowledge and emotional way we deal with moms are truly lacking. I want to inspire moms to take control of their bodies and demand more from our doctors outside of the physical checks -ups.
We want to thank My Mommy Posts for being our FIRST Mom of the Month for 2020 and we want you to follow her on YouTube as soon as possible!
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