From tots to teens, children are so active that they do sometimes get some awful looking bruises. Who are we kidding? Parents also can get some nasty bruises from chasing our children around! Mom’s Kisses is a Canadian company that speeds up the healing of bruises. It can also be used for:

  • Minor burns, insect bites, skin irritations
  • Preventative treatment for sports injuries

It cannot be used on broken skin!

Mom's Kisses has a hint of a lavender scent!

Mom’s Kisses has a hint of a lavender scent!

Thebabyspot.ca loves the Mom’s Kisses travel spray. It has a subtle scent of lavender which is one of our favourites! We used Mom’s Kisses for two completely different scenarios:

1. Mom’s stiff biceps: Our owner’s baby is growing so fast! After a very active baby and recovering from a car accident, these muscles are pulling easily. However, she still has to take care of her baby! She used Mom’s Kisses on her bicep muscles. After spraying the lavender scented spray three times, she went to sleep and it made such a lovely difference! She especially loves the travel pack because it is no bigger then a lipstick! Let’s face it, our diaper bags and purses are packed as it is. Thank goodness it is so small but does not require a big spray to get the job done.

Our favourite: The travel sized Mom's Kisses.

Our favourite: The travel sized Mom’s Kisses.


2. Baby bumps: Our two year old thinks that she is going on ten years old. She believes that she can run like her older toddler friends and is trying desperately to stand on her own two feet! We don’t want to get in the way of progress but sometimes she has received a few bumps. She tripped over her own feet and bumped her head! Since Mom’s Kisses is 100% natural topical pain reliever for inflammation, the bruise itself lasted two days. That nasty bruise was no longer an eye sore and most importantly, was not hurting her while she began her next adventure to out run all of the other little munchkins at the park the next week!


Day Three bruise from husband's sport injury: Gone! Sprayed Mom's Kisses one last time for good measure :)

Day Three bruise from husband’s sport injury: Gone! Sprayed Mom’s Kisses one last time for good measure 🙂

If you’re looking for a natural topical pain reliever, give Mom’s Kisses a try! The product is available in stores across Canada but is also available on Amazon for you international clients.


100% natural topical pain reliever for inflammation and heals bumps and bruises