If you are pregnant a new Mom or  a Mom of many, there is no question that you need some time to yourself to just relax. We have the Shiva Rea Mediations DVD that really helps a Mom get her perspective back on things.


With over 100 minutes of meditations, these meditations were relaxing enough to rejuvenate both the mind and the body.

Help quiet that laundry list of “to dos” that you have to accomplish and renew your spirit under the guidance of Shiva Rea, who is an international yoga teacher, retreat leader and flow expert. Shiva Rea helps you learn to breathe and relax, calming your fast paced thought process. This DVD is a collection of meditations from her award winning programs. You can leave behind some of those life stresses and annoying lists of things to be accomplished and just focus on yourself and become more tranquil.

Some of the backgrounds include the Greek Island of Santorini and New Mexico USA’s White Sands of National Park.

With over 100 minutes of meditations, you can customize your practice for a calming and restorative experience.


We may not be able to travel to exotic places when we need peace, but with Shiva Rea giving us the guidance to just be calm and relax, we can make our own living room a sanctuary to just relax and recompose ourselves and remember, the stress is only temporary. This DVD is a must have for any Mom who just wants a few minutes a day to center around getting back to the basics.

Enjoy your meditations, even if its just for a few minutes a day!