Monster University Movie Review

By Cara Quigley

Mike Wazowski and James P. “Sulley” Sullivan captured the hearts of millions over a decade ago with the release of “Monsters, Inc.”. The story followed the two monsters through their day-to-day work life – scaring children to generate “scream power” on which the city ran.


12 years later, we finally get to see just how Mike and Sulley landed their jobs in the scaring business. “Monsters University” acts as a prequel to “Monsters, Inc.”, telling the inspiring story of Mike and Sulley’s struggles to achieve their dream – of becoming scarers and working at the city scare plant.

The Theme of Monster University

The theme of this film makes it enjoyable for viewers of all ages – the kids that originally enjoyed “Monsters, Inc.” are now college-level students, and will find the conflict of the monsters’ youth vs. becoming an adult very relevant. More importantly, the film uses a sort of comedic genius to make “Monsters University” hilarious for all ages, with universally funny jokes even Mom and Dad can appreciate. This makes this film a great pick for family movie night!


Everyone can learn something from the values Mike and Sulley instill in viewers – follow your dreams, no matter what. Both of these monsters, despite their efforts to be successful in college and in college life, find themselves kicked out of the elite and grueling scaring program. They must fight to get back into the program, and they do not give up on their dreams. Their positivity and perseverance are inspiring, even motivating. They show the true value of believing in yourself and working hard to achieve your goals.


This film is one to add to the family collection. It is well written, adorably portrayed and will surely become one of your favorites. Pop some corn and enjoy!

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