Most Naturally-Sourced Products for Your Shopping List

When it comes to buying the right products for your household, you may be getting more than you bargained for. More toxin exposure, that is. Many cleaning supplies, personal care items, candles, and air fresheners contain ingredients that can cause irritation to your body. The good news is, there are many naturally-sourced products that can replace these harmful ones, and they can work just as well and even better than their conventional counterparts.

Cleaning Products

Most commercial cleaning supplies are composed of harsh chemicals that are unnecessary for household use. Several natural brands of cleaners are available at the store or online and don’t cost much more than conventional brands.

Fit Organic Cleaner and Degreaser

Better Life Laundry Detergent

Ecover Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Attitude Little Ones Baby Bottle & Dishwashing Liquid

Earth Friendly Products Concentrated Carpet Shampoo with Bergamot and Sage

Personal Care Products

Since the skin is the largest organ in the human body and also highly absorbent, it makes sense to be careful what you put on it. Conventional personal care products like shampoo and deodorant often contain ingredients that could be harmful. A growing number of quality natural products are on the market today.

Desert Essence Lip Rescue Ultra Hydrating with Shea Butter

Avalon Organics Scalp Tea Tree Shampoo

Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion

Kirk’s Natural Original Coco Castile Soap

Jason Powersmile Antiplaque & Whitening Toothpaste Powerful Peppermint

Alvera All Natural Roll-On Deodorant

Air Fresheners/Room Fragrances

Unfortunately for candle lovers, toxic fumes and even lead can be released from a burning candle- not exactly ideal for indoor air. But you don’t have to be sentenced to living in a stinky house for the rest of your life. You can easily and naturally freshen air by using essential oils, usually through a diffuser. These oils are an investment, but have many uses beyond just smelling nice. Since quality is variable for essential oils, be sure to purchase from reputable brands like doTERRA.

Increasingly, consumers are becoming aware of the potential dangers of chemicals and additives in conventional products, leading to a demand for natural alternatives. With a little research and effort, you might some new favorites!

Eileen O’Shanassy is a freelance writer and blogger based out of Flagstaff, AZ. She writes on a variety of topics and loves to research and write. She enjoys baking, biking, and kayaking. Check out her Twitter @eileenoshanassy.