We have some great blog posts from all over the world to share with you today. Check out these great finds:

Our Blogger of The Year, Momma Braga spoke candidly about her husband’s liver disease. This heartfelt post was on the Momma Braga blog, The Baby Spot and then the Huffington Post. It touched a lot of people!

Bizzie Beans has boiled down parenting to a dance and a merry one at that. But sometimes, we don’t dance to the same beat… how can we fix this? This article has the answers.

This post is great for parents who have newborns. Mama Willmot gives tips for keeping sane in the newborn phase!

Mama at Heart recommended Drooling Daddy’s post about what independency means when raising children. A thoughtful post!

Family Life and Finding Happy has a post that men’s reasoning is not always easy to understand. Here is a personal story about the different ways of thinking.

Mummy Seeing Double has a insightful post that mindfulness is not just a fallacy!

Autumn’s Mummy Blog gives us a personal post about things that have changed since she became a Mum. We are sure all Mums can relate!

Daddy Burns The Salad has a powerful post entitled “A Lack of A Dad”. A must read.

Kids can be an inspiration! Drooling Daddy writes about why the world should act like our kids.

This is a must read for those Mamas who think they are not doing a good job. Bubbles and Denim writes about why today, she feels like a good Mom.

All Things Mom Sydney reviews one of the classics, Mary Poppins!

We have all felt this way at one time. One Hull of A Mum asks Why Am I Being A Pushy Mum?

An important and must read post by DIY Daddy Blog. Physical Violence in Relationships. It happens to Men, it happens to Women and it happens to children. Most of all, it must stop.