Mother No Other Like Her – A Colouring Book of Loving Thoughts

Mother, My First Teacher and Mentor- Saher Lalani

When Saher Lalani created a colouring book celebrating motherhood from all over the world with thoughtful poems, it was a reflection of the wonderful service that her own Mother had given the world.

Our Mothers are the first people that we grow to love. They love without limits and sacrifice their lives to make sure ours are better. The love of a Mother and a child transcends from culture to culture, through art and as author and poet Saher Lalani will show you, through words.

Being the only daughter of physician Dr. Fatima Hashamali, Saher learned first-hand that her Mother’s love extended to her family and many vulnerable children in the poorest areas of the globe.  Saher knew that her Mother’s love inspired her to help others. This colouring book is one of those testaments.

Mother No Other Like her is a colouring book of loving thoughts. As it is Multicultural Children’s Book day, this is the perfect time to spend some time with your children, filling these pages with love and light while embarking on the wisdom each small quote has for you.

Why This Book is Special- Paying Tribute To Mothers and Mother Figures Everywhere

This book will resonate with every family. Whether you are a parent yourself and you want something to share with your little ones or you want to do this project with your own Mother, it can suit all families at any stage. Mother No Other Like Her takes something as beautiful as the relationship between a Mother and their child and makes everyone feel included.

Some colouring books tend to not be ethnically diverse but Saher Lalani makes sure that everyone feels included in this love story. We see Moms of all cultures, all religions, embracing and loving their children, showing us that there are not oceans between us but merely bridges where we can open up the beautiful conversation of Motherhood around our world.

Which page touched us the most

Though each page is touching and beautiful, we have a favorite. There is a picture of a traditionally dressed Mother embracing her child who is wearing a jersey. We find this to be striking because it emphasizes a group of people who have traveled from their country to another. Their child is now growing up with both cultures, the culture of their parents and the culture of the country they now reside in. This beautiful tapestry of the first generation family is something that is not highlighted in many books, but it is here in Mother No One Other like Her. Can you find the page we love? You will have to buy the book to see the beauty for yourself!



Who Will Love This Book

A Mother No Other Like her would be fantastic for so many families. This book would be a perfect baby shower gift for the Mother to be in your life. If you have a Mom who needs to hear these special words, buy it for your Mother or a Mother figure in your life. If is also great for anyone who wants to be inspired by these diverse drawings and has a creative way to express through colour what the book is manifesting. Lastly, it is beautiful for Mothers and children to share together, to colour the way they see their beauty as a family. We see empowerment, diversity having no divisions and lastly, love between Mothers and their children.


Extra Credit

Photo credits: Momma Braga & Nisha Kapoor.

Saher loved creating art and writing for her Mother. It was a token of love, respect and appreciation. We want you to join Saher and create a poem and a drawing for you children, to inspire them to the same.

This act of kindness will help your children learn to express themselves through art and poetry. It will help with their spelling and language. If you speak a second language at home, encourage your child to speak in the language that they are still learning. They will learn more about their culture and how to express themselves.

Ultimately, it is a great way for your children to take a step back, reflect and understand the love that they give out to family and the love they receive from family. It truly is a gift. This can be an ongoing project between you and your child.

Does your child choose traditional colours for each picture or do they express themselves differently? Both can be beautiful.

We also encourage you to do what Saher’s Mother did and what Saher continues to do… volunteer! Pick a charitable organization that is close to home for you or find a park that needs cleaning. Organize some volunteers and raise money or donate your time making your community a better place! What did you choose to do? Email us and tell us what you did and how it made your children feel!

A Mother No Other Like Her

The purest of love is the love of a Mother and their child. A child loves having their Mother throughout life to guide them, nurture them and to show them the love that they have for their Mother. May this book be a love art piece between your child and you that will not only be a wonderful memory, but a keepsake for your children to have throughout life.