By Karen Del Ben


Over the past couple of weeks my little one has started to really take notice and pay attention to tv shows and movies for longer periods of time.  One of his favourite movies is Winnie the Pooh.  The recently released movie, is exactly as you will remember it from when you were a child.  Watching it now as an adult, I love the characters even more now than I did as a child.


This movie is a combination of three story lines.  The first one starts out with Pooh Bear looking for honey anywhere he can get it, but then he runs into Eeyore and finds out that Eeyore has lost his tail.  This is the part of the movie that my son absolutely loves.  Each friend presents and tries out a new tail for Eeyore, some of them are quite silly which is absolutely entertaining to watch a little one’s reaction. The friend that finds the perfect fit for Eeyores tail wins a pot of honey, which Pooh Bear gets very excited about.

The third portion of this story then goes on to show a note that has been left behind by Christopher Robin, unfortunately Pooh Bear cannot read and seeks help from Owl.  Owl reads the note for all the friends in the Hundred Acre Wood and sadly does not read it correctly and deciphers it to say that Christopher Robin has been captured.  The friends then seek out to save Christopher Robin and get into quite the adventure along their way.

As much as this is a children’s movie, it is also entertaining for adults as well.  The comments and reactions to some of the hijinks Pooh Bear and his friends go through is laughable to both parent and child on two different levels.

At my home, this is the only movie that my son has become attached to.  We watch it 2-3 times a day and every time I watch it, I find something that I didn’t notice before.   I thoroughly recommend this movie to anyone with young children.   You and your children and will fall in love with characters in this movie again and again!