What is Mush? 

Mush is a free app that connects mums with other local, like-minded mums with kids the same age. It’s mission is to make the lives of mums more sociable and fun, enabling meet-ups in real life with other mums who know what you’re going through!

Mush was born through the experience of its founders Katie & Sarah, who had two small children between them and found the days long, lonely and isolating… until their chance meeting in a playground! Having kept each other sane and happy in the months that followed, they realised that all mums should have access to a free and fun way to find other mums nearby, and Mush launched in Spring 2016.

Today Mush has been credited for over 100,000 friendships from its 45,000 members (and growing!) and has a spread of users throughout the UK, with pockets of users around the world. It has launched additional functionality so that mums can share what’s going on locally and ask for advice from mums just around the corner.

One mum who Mush has been a lifeline for is Jessica, 33 who said: “Not knowing anyone in the area, the early days of maternity leave were lonely and I knew I had to do something about it. I was out walking three times a day and needed some adult conversation. You do meet a lot of mums at all the baby classes but it’s not the same – Mush is great as you’re all on there with the same objective, to make friends.”

Stats about Mush 

How many mums are on Mush?

There are 45,000 mums on Mush as of 1st Feb 2017
We have most of our mums in London, but in lots of other cities around the UK too- and in fact lots of users in Australia!

How many connections have their been thanks to Mush?

There have been 100,000s successful connections on Mush- meaning two mums have messaged and connected. We have lots of users who have never made a connection (we need to improve this!) but if a mum connects once, she is likely to connect with an average of 5 mums (so mums need to be encouraged to start!)

Why is it called Mush?

It happened to be a day when we had mushed up our baby’s food during the weaning phase, we had described our brains as sleep-deprived, addled mush, and we worked out it stood for Mums Social Hub. We have since realised that it means perfect in Hebrew and is old English for friend!

What’s the story of Mush?

Mush was set up by two mums who met in a rainy playground and kept it each other sane for the months that followed- they realised that 80% of new mums admit to feeling lonely. They had no tech experience, but decided that an app should exist for mums to meet, and sought to make it happen! They have had two successful funding rounds and have a mission that no mum does it alone, and that Mush can be the largest social network for Mums globally.

Statistics we commissioned

We commissioned a study of 4000 mums for first set of more serious numbers and 1000 mums on salacious stuff!

4000 mums

50% of mums find it hard to plan with kids
80% of mums prefer to go to playgroup with a friend
22% mums only have one local mum friend (62% have 4 or less local mum friends)
50% go to the shops primarily for adult interaction
50% find it hard to make local mum friends
60% of mums go a full day without adult interaction
82% of mums think having mum friends makes you a happier, more positive mum

1000 mums
44% of mums say mum friends are extremely important
80% of mums say mum friends are extremely or quite important
17% of mums say they talk to mum friends more than partner about sex
41% of mums say they talk to mum friends more than partner about post-baby body
63% of mums do not look forward to sex post-baby (neither + no)
43% of mums say they talk to mum friends more than partner about realities of having a baby
75% say mum firends understand better than their partners the realities of having a baby
55% mums crave a night out
41% of mums fantasise about having a day off from being a mum
43% of mums feel under pressure to be the perfect mum
38% of mums wish they had a local gang of mum friends


It’s time for you to get some time for YOU. Click here to get Mush App!