Must-Haves in a Kid-Friendly Home


Just because you have children doesn’t mean your home shouldn’t be as stylish as possible. We all struggle with balancing kid-friendly additions with some aesthetic pieces, and the result is usually a functionless space that doesn’t fit anyone’s needs. That’s why you need to create a list of priorities and make your home family-friendly, but, at the same time, add a little twist into the design. This will help you if you have small children because it’s better to think ahead of all the mess they can create and design your home so that you don’t always have to worry if your kids will spill or break something. With different family members having different preferences, this is going to be a challenge, but if you go one step at a time, you’ll have a dream home soon enough.


Choose durable materials

Although it’s great to choose materials based on their color or how well they can be incorporated into your interior, now you must change your tactic. Try to find materials that are durable because they will stand the test of time and survive your children’s food spills and paint. Although many parents opt for synthetic materials because they’re easy to clean, think about all the bad things that go into making them. Instead, try to find eco-friendly solutions because they’re far better for your family’s health. If your children aren’t careful when they eat, paint or play with their toys, you can always choose leather because this material is practical and easy to clean which is something many parents like having in their living room.


Create a separate playroom

If you want to avoid having toys all over the house, you need to think about creating a playroom where your children will be able to play. In addition to that, they can keep all their toys in there which will help you clean everything up. This room doesn’t require any special furnishing because it needs to be designed for your children. That means a few chairs, tables and maybe a sofa are great ways to furnish a room without paying attention to how it looks or how you arrange the furniture. Keep in mind that your children will probably rearrange the furniture on a daily basis depending on the type of game they’re playing that day. You can always introduce some great additions like a chalkboard wall, a teepee, and some fun storage solutions.


Fix up potential problems

You’ll need to fix up every problem you have in the house and inspect everything that may cause problems in the future. Giving that children like to play with electrical outlets, check your installations and see if everything is fine with them. Apart from that, children have a tendency to throw things in the toilet because they like flushing and looking at the water. Many parents from Australia know that this is something they need to pay attention to because it can create serious problems. They like to rely on professionals and call a plumber from Canberra to fix the damage so they’re certain no problem will emerge in the future neither.


Create enough storage space

This is something every family struggles with because, after a while, we all pile up things even if we don’t plan on using them. This can create clutter which can affect the family’s functionality and prevent everyone from enjoying their home to the fullest. If you have enough space, try to create a storage room where you’ll be able to fit all those massive items you don’t use and get them out of your sight. Also, a mudroom can be a great way to keep all the shoes and jackets in one place especially if you add a built-in storage unit. When it comes to organizing your living room, be smart with furniture pieces like an ottoman, coffee table or sofas because these are the pieces with some additional storage space inside, which comes in handy for storing blankets, pillows or photo albums.


Adjust everything to children


The whole point of creating a family-friendly home is adjusting it to fit everyone’s needs, especially your children’s. This goes for every room in the house, from the kitchen to the outdoor area, so you need to create a space your children can enjoy the most. When it comes to the kitchen, create a small breakfast area for them and adjust the furniture so that they can reach it without any problems. The same goes for your bathroom and the vanities, so add a small stool and encourage your children to wash their hands without standing on their toes.


There’s nothing more enjoyable than adjusting your house to fit your family so you can all enjoy your space. At the end of the day, you’ll all be happier if your living space accommodates your family’s needs.