7% chance they said…..
By: Amanda Middleton
Please welcome blogger and Mommy Amanda Middleton as she tells her fertility story…
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My Fertility: It’s Normal…  At First

“It is normal”, they said. “Don’t be in a rush”, they said. “It will happen in God’s timing”, they said. All valid points but, it did not help when your mind was set on having a baby and it wasn’t happening. Month one went by, then month two, and so on and so on. With every month we didn’t have a baby was a kick in the gut. Those of you who have been through that waiting, know exactly how it feels. We got to where we just stopped talking about babies with anyone and avoided baby conversations at all costs. We put on a good front but deep inside my husband and I both were heart broken. 

After going to several different doctors and specialists we discovered there was a problem. We were told we only had a 7% chance of ever conceiving. We were heart broken but, at least we knew and now we could move forward with the information we had just discovered. Little did we know God had another plan. The very next day I discovered I was pregnant with our first child. We were thrilled but a little bewildered because of the prior day’s news.


A few weeks later after going to an ultrasound and discovering everything was great with the baby we went back to our specialist and told him the news. I never will forget he threw our chart into the air and said, “Well you don’t need me then. You’ve got this. Come back when you need me.”


We now not only have one child, but three children, including a set of twins and none were conceived through any fertility treatments. Doctors told us that would be the only way we would ever have children. 


I’m telling you this story not to upset anyone that is going through infertility but, to give them hope. We still until this day only have a 7% chance of ever conceiving, but God had a bigger and better plan for us. Although our fertility condition never changed our hearts sure have! 


I hope after you read this you do not feel upset and hopeless but, you feel hopeful! There may be a bigger plan for you, it’s just the obstacle of life that sometimes gets in the way.