My Heart Flies Open- In a busy world where our children are being raised to go go go, there should always be situations where they can blossom. By just breathing in and breathing out, each child will know that they will be peaceful. This is the messaging that families need for peace, self awareness and ultimately, love.

What’s It About

This book is about affirmations and introducing your children to their own personal aspirations. Not only will your children learn empowering yoga poses but they will always learn to set intentions and spread positive awareness to their bodies, minds and spirits! These positive affirmations are addictive! When your older children read this book, their younger siblings will find it fascinating. We have noticed little ones follow along, learning the stretching techniques, yoga poses and even the positive affirmations. It is such a beautiful experience.

Author Omileye Achikeofi-Lewis brings enrichment, peace and empowerment to the reader. The illustrations are full of spirituality, understanding and movement. It’s like the pictures move along with the poses! My Heart Flies Open is just that, it will open your heart to love, acceptance and bonding with your child. Read this book again and again to go through each pose.

North Atlantic books chooses another fantastic title that opens up bonding with a family, the introduction to yoga with personal aspirations, peace of mind and so much more. It truly is a gift for all children to express themselves and be confident in themselves and in their bodies.

Extra Credit

Have your child draw a picture of themselves doing yoga. Around the picture, have them draw pictures of what yoga makes them feel. Additionally, have them write down their aspirations. What are they feeling and wishing for themselves? This is a great way to open conversations and bond with your family.