My Life With Rosie A Bond Between Cousins

My Life With Rosie : Rosa Parks has been an inspiration across the world. Rosa refused to sit at the back of the bus in the United States on December 1st, 1955. At that time, black people were forced to not only sit at the back of the bus, but when the bus was packed, they were forced to stand or move completely so a white person could sit down. Though Rosa Parks fought for her seat on that bus, her fighting for human rights did not stop there. If Rosa Park’s family would like you to know who Rosa really was, it would be that she dedicated her entire life to fight for human rights. Just ask her cousin, Dr. Angela Sadler Williamson.

Author Dr. Angela Sadler Williamson

Dr. Angela is a strong light in the world of equality and human rights. It is no secret why she is such a success. Dr. Angela is also the author of My Life with Rosie. She wanted to tell Rosa’s life story. Rosa spent four decades fighting for human rights while also installing the passion of activism to thousands of youth all over the world.

Youth Council

rosa parks book

Rosa Parks’ youth council had three important pillars:

Honor Differences

Befriend Others

Stand Up (for injustice and equal rights)

Dr. Angela knew that she had to tell the story about Rosa Parks and what better group to educate than children. She focused on an important bond between Rosa and her young enthusiastic cousin Carolyn Williamson. This bond lasted a lifetime. Dr. Angela created both an incredible documentary in honor of her son about Rosa Parks and then this beautifully written book for the whole family.

My Life With Rosie

Cousin Carolyn was just a child when Rosie made her something very special. From that point on, cousin Rosie introduced young Carolyn to a world of hope, love and activism. Your child will be enchanted with this beautiful bond between family and also the art by Chloe Helms will inspire you. Published by the prestigious Kate Butler Books , this book is guaranteed to enchant and inspire your children and yourself!

Extra Credit

Now your child can be a part of Rosa Park’s youth council! Be one of the many activists by just reading the end of the book. Have serious conversation with your child about equality and human rights and really listen to how they answer the questions at the back of the book. You can really be inspiring the next generation of activists!