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Everyone has that set of items that they would love to carry with them as they travel abroad. However, when that set of items is reduced to only 6 must-haves, you got to think thoroughly of your choice. With me for example, I would not leave my laptop behind. It is my source of livelihood and efficient communication. The other five things that I would not do without on an international travel include my phone power backup, an umbrella, a perfect backpack bag, pain medication, and a VISA card.

1. A Laptop
With a laptop, you always get real-time updates of what is happening in your country and working place. Though some people would rather choose their smartphones instead of a laptop, I go with my laptop. I am the type of person who loves reading while on the plane and in the waiting queues. A smartphone would not be apt since I would have to strain so much. With a laptop again, you can scan your documents such as Passport, visas and ID cards and save them. This way, in case you lose or misplaced one, you will have a photocopy to show your identity. It is also a good source for music especially if you have earphones and are caught up in airline snarl-ups and queues.

2. Umbrella
While your country maybe in its summer period, you never know what weather the country you are traveling to has. It might be raining cats and dogs or have a torrid desert sun that threatens to burn everyone’s head. An umbrella is very good just in case the weather decides to play tricks on you.

3. Pain medication
I am the type of person who prevents lest they are compelled to cure. While traveling, accidents happen, migraine headaches might get you. A stomach upset might make you stay in the bathroom for hours and hours on end. To avoid such eventualities, it is always good to carry pain meds. I never like relying on the airplane hostesses since they might have run out of their meds or are too slow in getting you the drug you need. Why not carry your own pain meds?

4. Visa Card
Before leaving your home country, always make sure that you have some cash in your pocket. It is even better when you carry either international currency or money that is used in your host country. However, cash might be pick-pocketed from you and as such, you need a VISA card which can be used anywhere in the world. Before leaving your country however, call your bank and tell them that you will be travelling to country Z and will need to use your VISA card so that they can enable it to be used in the country Z.

5. Phone Power Back up
Before traveling, I always ensure that my phone is fully charged. I also need to carry my phone power back-up which needs to also be fully charged.

6. Backpack bag
I have this perfect waterproof backpack where all my other 5 must-have items for international travel all fit in. It has a tough canvas material that makes it durable and reliable. I have nicknamed it as my Paul since it is indeed my pal and travel buddy.